riportiamo di seguito il contenuto integrale del comunicato pubblicato in data 21 giugno sul portale dell'Ambasciata d'Italia a Washington.
Per il sistema Study Abroad italiano, l'esenzione dall'isolamento fiduciario è di vitale importanza considerando quanto lo stesso, nonostante dall'inizio della pandemia gli studenti fossero tra le poche categorie di cittadini autorizzati a entrare in Italia, sia stato da deterrente per numerosi giovani che spesso avrebbero dovuto intraprendere il loro primo viaggio all'estero.
Quanto sotto riportato riguardo la certificazione verde è esteso anche al Canada e Giappone.


The Italian Ministry of Health Ordinance of June 18, 2021 (GU General Series n.145 of 19-06-2021), effective from June 21, 2021, envisages the following updates as regarding entering Italy from the USA:
  • the new Italian provisions on Green Certificate apply to the USA
  • Entry from the USA into Italy can therefore take place by presenting, upon embarking, one of the three envisaged certificates to the carrier, and subsequently to the competent Italian Authorities:
1) anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, including the completion (at least 14 days) of the prescribed cycle of one of the vaccinations recognized by the EMA. Those vaccinated in the U.S.A. can prove this via the "white card" bearing a CDC logo;
2) recovery from COVID-19 (with a medical certificate outlining any necessary information);
3) negative rapid antigenic or molecular PCR test carried out within 48 hours of departure (proved via certification from the laboratory that performed the test).
  • entry from the U.S. via these Certificates exempt travelers from fiduciary isolation (so called "quarantine") upon arrival in Italy.
  • minors accompanied by a parent/caregiver with one of the above certifications must always take the pre-departure Covid test if they are 6 years old and over; minors under 6 years old are, in any case, exempt from the pre-departure Covid test.
  • Even with these Certificates, all passengers entering Italy are required, prior to departure, to complete a specific location form in digital format (https://app.euplf.eu/). Alternatively (in the event of technical difficulties), passengers can compile the specific self-certification form in paper format
  • (https://www.esteri.it/mae/resource/doc/2021/04/modulo_rientro_sintetico_25_aprile.pdf).
  • Airlines are adapting to the new regulations also within the framework of USA-Italy Covid-tested flights, which will therefore comply the above-mentioned provisions