Feast Of The Assumption Of The Holy Mother-Of-God
And Name Day Of Our Church

The feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother-of-God was observed at St. Mary on August 12. Der Hovsep celebrated the Badarak which was followed by the special serve of the Blessing of Grapes.
Latter that afternoon the 1st Annual St. Mary's Picnic took place. Parishioners and friends came together for fellowship, delicious Armenian Khorovadz and other treats. The particular focus of this special day was on the children to include fun activities that included a bounce house, balloons, games and face painting.

Especial thanks to St. Mary Parish Council for hosting the event. We also thank all of the members and children of the church who attended, volunteered, supported, and enjoyed this holy day.  
Our church office administrator Dee Vartabedian Rogers spent two mounts in Armenian this summer. The following is a short reflection on her volunteer work and experience in Armenia.

Volunteer In Armenia

This summer I accomplished my dream by being a volunteer in Armenia with the Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC). After following AVC's well defined application process, I was assigned to Impact Hub Yerevan as a Professional Corps volunteer to mentor Fellows who desired my hands on business development experience to help them grow and prosper in their newly developed businesses. Impact Hub Yerevan, an innovation space and community with a mission to support social impact projects and enterprises, was a perfect match for my skills and it was a great meeting of the minds. The entrepreneurs I worked with are smart, talented, driven, and dedicated to becoming successful. I felt privileged to be associated with these bright young Armenian people.

As a "local" for nearly 2 months I found Yerevan to be electric with its nonstop flow of beautiful people. It was not uncommon for me to step outside my hotel lobby to hear the music of an accordion, duduk, oud, and watch the people break into dance on Northern Avenue. And of course, the food was spectacular. The opera was just up the street and I took advantage of the many ballets, operas, and symphonies performed throughout my stay. The architecture is remarkable and oozing with history as I was sure to capture Yerevan's beautiful buildings and sites with photos, and I far exceeded my goal of taking 10,000 steps daily.

AVC, and its sister organization Birthright Armenia, offered Armenian language speaking lessons which I began in earnest, although I was getting away with a great deal by simply saying Barev Dzez, Shnorhakalutyun, Intch Arje, and Tchem Haskanum. Funny how the sales girls in Parma Food Market sought me out so that they could practice their English on me. I even took advantage of the weekend excursions offered by AVC and Birthright to Khor Virap, Areni and Noravank. 

If your hope is to connect deeper with your homeland, contact the Armenian Volunteer Corps at Their effective infrastructure makes volunteering in Armenia affordable, safe and fullfilling. They provide logistical support from airport pick up, to host family living arrangements, Armenian language class, and more, to help volunteers integrate into life in Armenia. 

With the ease of social media and technology, I continue to stay in touch with my new found friends in Yerevan as it keeps my experience alive in my mind and heart.

Dee Vartabedian Rogers
St. Vartan Camp 

In the Month of July and August 8 young members from St. Mary Church attended Camp Vartan. The camp was led by an experienced administration and staff and provides a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy environment in which young Armenian-American Christians can grow and gain a deeper understanding of their Armenian faith and culture.
Overlooking the scenic Catskill Mountains, the location is on 65 acres and offered the children an on-site pool, tennis court, basketball court, soccer field, and dining and recreational facilities. The program focused on a blend of Armenian religion, culture, language, history, dance, music, arts, and fellowship, together with a full sports program including soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming. 
We are happy that in the past couple of years St. Mary had a good participate in the camp programs. Our appreciation goes to Edvik Alexandrian, Monica Emmerson and Talar Festekjian for transporting and chaperoning the children. 
Hokehankists - Requiem Services

August 5, 2018
For the Souls of: Orbel Khanbabaian (20 years), Mariam Nishanian (26 years),
Carro Nishanian (5 years), Vartin Zarookian (10 years), Arsen Zarookian (35 years), Edward Gharakhanian (3 years)
Requested by: The Khanbabaian, Nishanian, Zarookian, Gharakhanian and Ghazarian Families

For the Souls of: Bob Nakashian(40 days), Nazeni Nakashian (3 years)
Requested by : Nakashian and McQueen Families

August 12, 2018
For the Soul of: Arousiag Kumkumian
Requested by: Kumkumian family 

For the Soul of: Stepan Mihran Merdinian
Requested by : Kina Merdinian (Ankine), Gary Merdinian, Stephanie Merdinian Dumont

For the Soul of: Garabet Garabetian
Requested by: Arpine Koudalazian (Widow), Marc Garabetian (Son), Marale Garabetian (Daughter), Adrian Mihailescu (Husband of Marale) 

For the Soul of: Roger Krikorian
Requested by:The Zeytoonian Family 

For the Soul of: Badrik Bostan (5th anniversary)
Requested by: Bostan and Romero families 

August 19, 2018
For the Souls of: Misak Mermer (40 days), Hariknaz Ozbenian (2 years)
Requested by: Maryam Mermer: Zadik Ozbenian; Aras, Jenna and Anayis Mermer: Gary and Juliette Ozbenian and children; John and Jacqueline Ozbenian and children. 

For the Soul of: Der Dajad Davidian (40 days)
Requested by: Der Hovsep and Parish Council 

For the Soul of: Ruzanna Mirzoyan (40 days)
Requested by: Liana Matevosian (Daughter)

August 26, 2018
For the Soul of: Haroutioun Bardizbanian
Requested by: Raffie, Maureen, Arthur & Raffie Jr. Bardizbanian

May God rest Thier soul in peace and may His loving favor be with the loved ones.  
Baptism and Confirmation

August 11, 2018
Alex Koryun Hovian
Son of Vahe Hovian and Margarita Saringulyan
Godparents: Pavel Khrimian and Zarui Kocharyan

August 18, 2018
Alissa Hein
Daughter of Jason Hein and Kristina Artyunova
Godparents: Pavel Khrimian and Zarui Kocharyan

May God bless our newly baptized with His love and may His protection and guidance always be with Them.

August 25, 2018 
Haik Gugarats and Molly Christian
Parents: Karlen Gugarats and Aida Abrahamyan
Michael and Sandra Snyder Christian
Best Man: Raffi Manoukian
Maid of Honor: Karen Christian

Congratulations and may God make the newly married couple worthy of the desirable crown of Holy Matrimony.
St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church  
Rev. Fr. Hovsep Karapetyan, Pastor
4125 Fessenden Street N.W, Washington, DC 20016 
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