Special Prayer for the Victims of the 1988 Earthquake in Armenia

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took place in Armenia in 1988, a special Requiem Service was conducted on Friday, December 7 at St. Mary Church to remember and pray for the souls of the victims of the earthquake. 
Advent Bible Study

St. Mary Church held its Adven Bible Studies in November and December this year. During this year's Bible Study the participants took a journey through Advent with the Old Testament Prophets. The Christmas story began in the Old Testament. God's nature didn't change, nor did ours, and He had our redemption in mind all the time. The prophets Jeremiah, Malachi, Zephaniah, and Micah all proclaim the Christ that was to come.  

The group enjoyed the insightful Bible Studies. The studies will reconvene in January and will concentrate on the Gospel of Matthew. Everyone is welcomed.

Women's Guild Christmas Party

The Annual Women's Guild Christmas party was held on December 8 at "Fontina Grille" restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. The event was attended by 31 members. Clara Andonian gave the devotional of the day. Nadya Chubukian, the Women's Guild Charlady, greeted and welcomed all. Der Hayr expressed his appreciation to everyone and wished a blessed and productive year ahead. 

The afternoon of celebration and fellowship was concluded by singing joyous carols. 
ACYOS Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 8, the ACYOA Juniors held their annual Christmas party. Over 30 teens celebrated with games, food, and a Christmas gift exchange. This incredibly fun and joyous occasion was hosted by the Kazanjian Family. Special appreciation to Victor and Glynis Kazanjian for opening their home to the youth of our church community. 
St. Mary Armenian Church 86th Anniversary Celebration

Parishioners and friends gathered at St. Mary Church for a beautiful celebration of the church's 86th Anniversary on December 9. The day was signified with a visit of Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan for the fist time after his election as the Primate of the Eastern Diocese. Hayr Soorp celebrated the Badark and presided over the festive luncheon and program in the church hall. It was also highlighted with the presence of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the US His Excellency Mr. Varujan Nersesyan.
At the conclusion of Badarak a special prayer was offered for the souls of victims of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. During the Hokehankist service parishioners and friends prayed for the souls of their loved ones as well as all the deceased chairladies of the St. Mary Women's Guild. 

The festive luncheon and program at the church hall included a beautiful performance by the St. Mary Young Performers under the leadership of Nunik Nishanian and Victoria Petrosyan. Natalie George shared her experience in the Holy Land with a slide presentation and recounted her pilgrimage which she took in summer of 2018. Remarks were made by the Ambassador Varujan Nersesyan and NKR Representative Robert Avetisyan. 

The culmination of the afternoon was the honoring of all those who served as a St. Mary Women's Guild chairlady. Der Hovsep presented the honorees with a certificate of recognition and stressed the important role of women in the church as "the educators, nurturers, the keepers and protectors of our Armenian faith and Christian heritage".

The event was concluded by remarks and benediction by Fr. Daniel Findikyan. 
Women's Guild Christmas Bake Sale

On Sunday, December 9 and 16, the Women's Guild held their annual Christmas Bake Sale. This year the Women's Guild also offered Armenian wine and Christmas gift items as part of their sale. All of the delicious baked goods, the beautiful packaging and gift items were generously donated by numerous members of the Women's Guild. The Women's Guild Executive Committee sends out a heartfelt thank you to all of their members who donated, packaged and worked at the bake sale. In addition, the Women's Guild thanks the St. Mary community for their wonderful support of this annual tradition.
Arart Avak Society Holiday Luncheon

St. Mary Ararat Avak Society hosted its holiday luncheon on December 15. The festive luncheon was attended by over 75 parishioners and friends who enjoyed delicious food and beautiful decorations for the holiday setting. This year's gathering was highlighted by delicious Ghapama, a traditional Armenian dish consisting of a pumpkin stuffed to the brim with rice, nuts, raisins, apricots and other trimmings. 

We are grateful for the Ararat Avak Society's dedication, talent and energy which brings together members of the church community during this blessed holiday season. The next luncheon will be held on the occasion of the Feast of Nativity and Theophany on Sunday, January 6 after the Church Service. 

Shnorhali School Hantess

On December 16 the St. Mary Shnorhali School held its annual Christmas Hantes. This year's Hantes centered around the true meaning of the "Gifts of Christmas" and included the participation of students from Preschool to High School with over 80 students in total. Children of different grades beautifully recited scriptural passages, read from the Bible and sung different Sharagans and Carols as they presented six true gifts of Christmas: Joy, Hope, Giving, Worship, Peace and Love. 

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the talented Hantess organizers Miss Becky Baghdasarian and Yn. Jennifer Karapetyan, as well as the co-directors, Gohar Grigorian, Yervand Khoranian and Avedis Seferian, and the entire Sunday School staff and parents for their help and participation.
Blessings of Pomegranates

Pomegranates were blessed at St. Mary on Sunday, December 30. Throughout the centuries, the pomegranate has been woven into Armenian architecture, cuisine, art, manuscripts, literature and liturgical vestments. It represents life, fertility, and abundance. 

Pomegranates were blessed after the Badarak and distributed to the faithful afterwards with a wish to bring prosperity and abundance in the year 2019.
Hokehankists - Requiem Services

December 2, 2018
For the Soul of: Panos Manokian (40 Day)
Requested by: Ashken Manokian,  Arek Manokian,  Caro & Diane Manokian,  Mannik Manokian & Sevada Sinanian (Nyra, Zabel and Alene) Nareneh & Mace McGrath (Ara)  Armen Manokian, Ava Manokian Arax & Jirair Yousefian Levik & Marina Yousefian (Arsen, Artem, Arno) Narbeh & Ashley Yousefian (Vana)

December 9, 2018
For the Souls of: Arshavir and Anjel Hovannesian (Deacon), Bogos Zulikian (Church Organist), Harutyun and Arshaluys Sivaslian
Requested by:  Bogos and Seta Sivaslian

For the Soul of: Gulbenk Sivaslian (5 years)
Requested by: Ojen Sivaslian (Wife), Nadya (Arut) Koseian, Ohannes (Hripsime) Sivaslian, Artur (Beverly) Sivaslian 

For the Soul of: Avadis Ozkayan
Requested by: Atam Ozkaya, Paris Ozkayan, Mayram Ozben, Artin Ozben

On the Occasion of the 86th Anniversary of Our Church we remembered and prayed for the SOULS OF OUR DEDICATED PARISHIONERS, for the SOULS OF ALL THE VICTIMS OF THE 1988 EARTHQUAKE IN ARMENIA, and for the SOULS OF ALL THE DECEASED CHAIRLADIES OF ST. MARY WOMEN'S GUILD 

For the Souls of: Avoyan, Tomyan, Vardanian, Kazarian, Kofman, Shakhbekyan, Cerqueira
Requested by:  David Tomyan

For the Soul of: Lora Shahbazyan
Requested by: Shahbazyan and Avetisyan Families

December 16, 2018
For the Souls of: Araxe Cherishian-Aunt  (1 Anniversary), Onnig and Serarpe Halajian-Parents, Maryann Kinoian-Sister, Steve Cherishian- Uncle 3 Years,
Karnig and Berjouhi Halajian- Aunt and Uncle, Hovannes and Nazenig Cherishian-Grandparents, Dikran & Nevart Halajian-Grandparents, Elmas Santourian- Great Grandmother
Requested by:  Nancy and Michael Kolenick

For the Soul of: Sarkees Derhagopian (1 Anniversary)
Requested by:  Silva Derhagopian, Harry Derhagopian and Lala Heinz

For the Soul of: Shogher Gharakhanian (5 years)
Requested by: Khatoun (Mother), Galoost Keshishian (Husband), Vahe, Andre and Tris Keshishian(Sons) and Family

For the Souls of: Nisan, Manuel, Vartuhi Kalatas, Agop, Mardiros, Vartuhi and Pilibos Shafakian, Mari and Kevork Cancikian, Aygul Tasci, Vahram and Hatun Hallacoglu
Requested by: Mari and Eva Shafakian and Mr. and Mrs. Artin Hallajian

December 23, 2018
For the Soul of: Mary Zulik (40 Day )
Requested by:  Nurhan and Lisa Zulik

May God rest Their souls in peace and may His loving favor be with their loved ones .  
Baptism and Confirmation

December 15, 2018
Eva Leeza Mirijanian
Daughter of Peter Mirijanian and Irina Petrossian
Godparents: Christian Walker and Galena Petrosian

December 22, 2018
Mateo Tahmasian
Son of Dodik Tahmasian and Noelia Rodriguez
Godparents: Raffie and Ani Kehyaian

December 29,2018
Kai'el Elijah Loosararian Obaldo
Son of Ariel Obaldo and Elyse Loosararian
Godparents: Brian and Alena Alsruhe

May God bless our newly baptized with His love and may His protection and guidance always be with Them.

December 14, 2018
Charles Kumkumian
Beloved Husband of the late Arousiag Kumkumian; loving Father of Simon Kumkumian (Lenie), Greg Kumkumian (Katie), Roxanne Schweitzer (John) and the late Linda Kumkumian; Grandfather of Joeie, Jack, Alexis, Charles, William and Henry. 

December 22, 2018
John Kavookian
Beloved Husband of Eva June Kavookian

December 27, 2018
Emma Arutyunova 
Beloved Mother of Esther and Marina; Grandmother of Mark, Roman and Victoria, and Great-grandmother of Sophia, Maxwell, and Emanuel
May the Lord rest their souls in peace and grant comfort to the family members and friends.
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