MAY 2018
The 116th Diocesan Assembly

The 116th Diocesan Assembly was held in Westchester County, NY May 3-5. St. Gregory the Enlightener Church of White Plains, NY was our gracious host. St. Mary delegates Mr. Onnik Sivaslian, Mr. Jack Guiragossian and Ms. Sarine Zenian attended along with Der Hovsep Karapetyan. 

Fr. Findikyan was elected as Primate on May 4, by the delegates to the 116th Diocesan Assembly. He succeeds Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, who earlier had announced he would conclude his term as Primate after holding the office for 28 years and seven terms of office, making him the longest-serving Primate of the Eastern Diocese. Click here to read more about election of Fr. Daniel Findikyan as Primate of the Eastern Diocese. 

The 50th anniversary celebration of St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral took place on May 5-6. It began with beautiful exhibit of photos and artifacts from 50 years of life at St. Vartan Cathedral and continued with a concert of sacred music featuring well known artistes. The festivities concluded on Sunday with the Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Barsamian.  

Click here to watch recorded Broadcast of 50th Anniversary Divine Liturgy on
May 6
St. Mary Prepares for Spring Food Festival

In the mount of May, St. Mary Women's Guild began to prepare for this year's Armenian Spring Food Festival by scheduling and conducting workshops and filling the church hall and kitchen with tantalizing aromas. The cultural foods from Armenia include lamb and chicken kebab, cheese boreg, pilaf, and kadayif, just to name a few. We are all thankful to the wonderful volunteers who have participated in the workshops.


On Friday, May 11th the Women's Guild hosted a Hampartzoum celebration that was well attended with 75 guests. This year's honorees, the women of St. Mary's, along with their families and friends enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by Nora's Kebab and Catering. The program for the evening consisted of beautiful dances performed by St. Mary's own delightful youth dance group instructed by Nunik Nishanian, a graceful solo by the lovely Milena Oganesyan, and finally the wonderful Arev Dance Ensemble. There was also a raffle with various gifts donated by the Women's Guild Executive Committee members. The festive evening closed with all of the honorees receiving a single rose and a group picture.
Spring Food Festival

St. Mary Church wishes to thank all of our devoted hard working volunteers and loyal Armenian food lovers for making this year's Spring Food Festival a success. During the days and evenings of May 18, 19 and 20 crowds dined throughout our church hall feasting on many of the Armenian favorites, such as, kabob, pilaf, hommus, and pita, as well as our sumptuous homemade baked goods which are always a hit and enjoyed by our guests. 

We thank all of our volunteers and supporters wishing them an enjoy a restful summer, as we gear up for our Fall Food Festival to take place on October 4, 5, 6 and 7!
Thanksgiving Prayer Offered at St. Mary

This year the centennial Anniversary of the battle of Sardarabad, and the establishment of the first Armenian Republic coincided with Memorial Day and was celebrated at St. Mary Armenian Church on Sunday, May 27. 

In the depths of the Armenian Genocide, Ottoman forces advanced on Eastern Armenia-coming within striking distance of the capital city Yerevan and Holy Etchmiadzin. But they were repelled by the native Armenians in a series of battles at Sardarabad, Abaran, and Karakilisa-which have come to be known as the "Heroic Battles of May." The 1918 Republic of Armenia barely lasted two years. It was, however, a historic political entity - the first expression of Armenian sovereignty since 1375. Its efforts led to the establishment of a Soviet Armenian republic, which, in turn, allowed for an independent Armenia upon the collapse of the USSR seventy years later.

Following the Divine Liturgy an Order of Thanksgiving Prayer took place on the occasion of the Centennial Anniversary of the Battle of Sardarabad, and the establishment of the First Armenian Republic. 

On the occasion of Memorial day, during the Hokehankist service, we remembered all who have fought for and sacrificed their lives to defend our right to freedom.
ACYOA Seniors & Juniors Participate at Sports Weekend 

This year the ACYOA Senior General Assembly and Sports Weekend was hosted in New York City from May 25 to 28, 2018 and the 43rd Annual Hye M'rtsoom ACYOA Junior Sports Weekend was hosted in Watertown, MA. Five Juniors and twelve Seniors participated in the events. 

Junior games were hosted by St. James Church in Watertown. Our youth participated in sports and attended prayer service at St. James where they also listened to an inspirational message form our new Primate, Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan, who was the special guest for the service. Everyone had a great time, acted with respect and enjoyed their friends, peers, host families and church. 

ACYOA Seniours were represented by twelve participants who attended the Sports Weedend in New York City. The newly elected Primate of the Eastern Diocese, the Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan, presided over the gathering. To honor the 50th anniversary of St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral, events took place in and around the Diocesan Center in New York City. The weekend was hosted by a Regional Host Committee chaired by Liana Kurkjian of White Plains, NY. Click here to read more. 
Hokehankists - Requiem Services

May 13, 2018
For the Souls of: All the Freedom Fighters Who Sacrificed Their Lives for the Liberation of Artsakh
Requested by: Office of the Republic of Artsakh in the United States, St. Mary's Parish Council and Der Hary

For the Soul of: Marie Toungaian Emmerson (40 days)
Requested by: Monica Emmerson (Daughter) and Seandor Emmerson (Grandson) and Family.

For the Soul of: Cynthia Anush Pickering (1 year)
Requested by :Lola Kechyan Pickering

May 27, 2018
For the Soul of: Anahid Ayrandjian
Requested by: Fr. Hovsep and Parish Council 

For the Soul of: William Ervant Docter Hekimian Benefactor of the St. Mary Church WED Educational Fund  
Requested by: WED Scholarship Community, St. Mary Parish Counsel and
Fr. Hovsep

For the Souls of: All who have fought for and sacrificed their lives to defend our right to freedom.
Requested by: St. Mary Parish Counsel and Der Hayr

May God rest Their souls in peace and may His loving favor be with the loved ones.  
Baptism and Confirmation

May 27, 2018
Armine Nafas Murad
Daughter of Gregory Aram and Razieh Murad
Godparents: John Avedis Ohanian and Andrea Lucien Murad

May God bless our newly baptized with His love and may His protection and guidance always be with her.

April 26, 2018
Armen Garabedian
Beloved Brother of Levon Garabedian

May the Lord rest His soul in peace and grant comfort to the family members and friends.
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