ACYOA Juniors Service Project

On Sunday, November 4, the St. Mary ACYOA Juniors put their faith into action and prepared lunches for the homeless in our community. The goal was to prepare 200 bagged lunches. The event took place in the church kitchen after Badarak. 

The charitable, collaborative and joyful team building activity fortified our Juniors relationships with each other and build up their benevolent character to help those who are in need. An assortment of pretzels, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cookies and apples were bagged by about 15 of our juniors with the help of their parents. This year's lunchboxes were donated to those in need at the Community for Creative Non-Violence.

Special appreciation goes to Katie Kumkumian and Becky Baghdasarian for organizing the event. As well as to all the parents and supporters of our ACYOA Juniors for this heartfelt effort of teaching our children with their example
Avedis Hadjian's "Secret Nation" Book Presentation

On Sunday, November 4 St. Mary parishioners and friends gathered for a book presentation and signing by Mr. Avedis Hadjian. Mr. Eric Ashbahian, on behalf of St. Mary Parish Council, welcomed everyone and introduced the author. For his book, "Secret Nation: The Hidden Armenians of Turkey", the Mr. Hadjian traveled to the towns and villages once densely populated by Armenians, recording stories of survival and discovery from those who remain in a region that is deemed unsafe for the people who once lived there.

Through reading some excerpts from his book the author took his audience to the heart of these hidden communities, unearthing their unique heritage and identity, and revealing the lives of a people that have been trapped in a history of denial for more than a century. 

In recent years, a growing number of "secret Armenians" have begun to emerge from the shadows. Spurred by the bold voices of journalists like Hrant Dink, the Armenian newspaper editor murdered in Istanbul in 2007, the pull towards freedom of speech and soul-searching is taking hold across the region. 

At the end of the presentation, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. The event was concluded with closing remarks and prayer by Der Hovsep and a book signing by the author. 
Women's Guild Meeting and Election Results

On Saturday, November 3, 2018 the Women’s Guild held their 2018 elections and general meeting with a potluck breakfast. There were 26 members present with the Nominating Committee leading the elections. Finding nominees proved to be a difficult task, but after much discussion the ballot was filled with 4 names for Executive Committee and 1 for Delegate. Once voting was complete the Nominating Committee had the responsibility of counting the ballots. In the meantime, the rest of the membership concluded their general meeting. The day concluded with the Nominating Committee announcing the results of the elections and a birthday celebration for all the members who had birthdays from July thru December. 
Making Mahs 

This week our devoted team of "Mahs Bakers" gathered within St. Mary Church's kitchen to make mahs. Our special thanks to Lola Pickering, Gulbahar Ozkayan, Haikouhi Koudoussian, and Takuhi Ozbenian who skillfully mixed the ingredients to make the mahs. 

The Armenian word "mahs" means a portion. It is blessed, unconsecrated bread (not Holy Communion) that is given to the faithful to take to those who were unable to share in Holy Communion. It becomes their "portion" of the Badarak. When you receive mahs, extend your right hand so that the small piece of bread can be placed on the back of your hand, and as you receive the mahs say "Pazheen eem Asdvadz haveedyan" (God is my portion forever).
Women's Guild Thanksgiving Luncheon

On Sunday, November 19, the St. Mary Women's Guild served a sumptuous holiday meal to over 80 guests after Badarak in the church hall. Those who attended enjoyed tastefully decorated tables with fall and harvest themes, the company of their friends and family members of the congregation, and delicious food prepared by our members of the Women's Guild. At the end of the luncheon a beautiful performance was given by Zaven, Edita, Jirair Kalayjians and Karine Muradyan. 

As always, our heartfelt gratitude to the women who organized and hosted this wonderful event and to those who attended.

Advent Bible Study

St. Mary Church held its first Bible Study session on Tuesday, November 20 entitled "The Power of Hope" (Jeremiah 33:14-16). During this year's Bible Study we take a Journey Through Advent with the Old Testament Prophets. The Christmas story began in the Old Testament. God's nature didn't change, nor did ours, and He had our redemption in mind all the time. The prophets Jeremiah, Malachi, Zephaniah, and Micah all proclaim the Christ that was to come.  

The group of 12 people enjoyed the insightful Bible readings and discussion led by Der Hovsep. All parishioners are invited to attend the Bible Study at St. Mary Church to help celebrate the season of Advent and prepare their hearts and mind for Christmas. 

Hokehankists - Requiem Services

November 4, 2018
For the Souls of: Harotune Kooyoomjian (40 years) and wife Mary (Sarafian) Kooyoomjian (9 years), Thomas V. Smith (9 years) and wife Doris Smith (30 days), Nicholas Irvine (6 years) and wife Betty Irvine (31 days)

Requested by:  The Kooyoomjian, Smith, Sarafian, Irvine & Cherkerzian Families

November 11, 2018
For the Soul of: Arsen Sayan (40 Days)
Requested by:  Catherine Sayan (Wife), Sirvarte Pilikian (Sister-in-Law) and Members of the ANI Choral Group 

For the Soul of: Ardemis Margossian (1 year)
Requested by: Maggie Keshishian (Niece) Andre Keshishian and Childer

For the Soul of: Nashkhoun Keshishian (3 weeks)
Requested by: Galoost Keshishian (Brother) Vahe, Andre and Aris Keshishian (Nephews) and Families

November 18, 2018
For the Soul of: Vartkess M. Balian (10th Anniversary)
Requested by: His wife, Rita S. Balian
His Sons: Raffi V. Balian and Sevag V. Balian with his wife, Nairi, and their four children / his grandchildren: Aram, Nareg, Sareen and Arya Balian.
Vartkess' sisters: Marie M. Balian and Haikouhi Balian Koudoussian with her twin daughters: Rita and Lena, along with her husband Edvik Alexandrian and son Andre.

For the Soul of: Isabel Kanderian Zakko (40 Days)
Requested by : Arda Kanderian Hebert and Paul Hebert (Sister and Husband)
Alice and Sona Kanderian (Sisters) Dr. Maha Kanderian Khouri and Dr. Suhail Khouri (Sister and Husband)

November 25, 2018
For the Souls of: Kiryakos Bolek (Father), Agop Hasar (Uncle)(5th years), Mayram Hasar and Alexan Hasar (Grand Parents)
Requested by: Anna Bolek, Asadur and Janet Tufekci 
For the Soul of: Josef Tilimian (40 days)  
Requested by:  Arek Gharibian, Carmen Tilimian and Garnik Boghosian, Zorik Tilimian and Helen Markarian, Catherine Tilimian and Hendrik Keshishi, Serjik Tilimian and Inna Grigoryan, Armo Boghosian, Aren Boghosian, Seleia Tilimian, Menoa Keshishi, Arno Keshishi, Orbell Keshishi, Edwin Tilimian and Juliet Tilimian.

May God rest Their souls in peace and may His loving favor be with their loved ones .  
Baptism and Confirmation

November 10, 2018 
Katvina Anna Movsisyan
Daughter of Ruben Movsisyan and Marina Agafonova
Godparents: Liudvik Karapetian and Araksya Nazaretyan Karapetian

November 24, 2018
Zabel Ani and Alene Vana Sinanian
Daughters of Sevada Sinanian and Mannik Neena Manokian
Godparents: Valanti Koliofotis and Alenoosh Yousefian Koliofotis

May God bless our newly baptized with His love and may His protection and guidance always be with Them.

November 20, 2018
Mary Zulikian
Beloved mother of Nurhan and Lisa Zulikian; sister of Norayr Ozungur.

May the Lord rest Her soul in peace and grant comfort to the family members and friends.
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