The Murder of George Floyd Uncovers "The Myth of American Justice"
California Allows Barbershops, Hair Salons To Reopen In Counties Given Green Light. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday (5/27) that many barbershops and hair salons in California can reopen. The move comes after the governor revealed that nearly all of the counties in California have been given the green light to reopen businesses quicker.  Read more
The Compton Cowboys: A Story of Racism, Violence and Love for Horses. To think of the Old West is to imagine John Wayne leaning over a saloon bar or the mythical Marlboro cowboy, classic symbols of the "real" America. But in the Los Angeles county's city of Compton, black and mixed-race cowboys have been galloping through the rural Richlands Farms for two decades now.  Read more
COVID-19 Testing Sites in Sacramento Region
There are several COVID-19 testing sites now in the Sacramento Region. I actually had the opportunity last week to take a tour (05.15.2020) of one of the new COVID-19 testing sites along with other community members and watch a demo of the test being offered done at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Oak Park - Sacramento.

SPECIAL Safe Black Space Virtual Community Healing Circle
Safe Black Space is providing this special healing circle for us to talk, vent, share, and remember our true worth, strength, and resilience. Join us...and breathe.
EVERYBODY PITCH IN! California Black Chamber of Commerce is building a small business grant fund. Click here to donate $5 to support African American business owners

The City of Sacramento has created an online portal specifically to collect innovative ideas from companies proposing to donate or sell products or services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The invitation includes information on how to fill out the Census form and will include a unique Census ID linked to a physical address. All Californians will be able to respond online or by phone, with limited households initially receiving the paper form. A Census ID is not required for households to respond online or by phone.
Black business owners can use Census data to make informed decisions about where to open businesses and when to explore new opportunities. Let’s empower our community with data. Make sure we all count in the #2020Census.
Don't miss the 10th Annual Black Physicians Forum on Friday, June 12th.
Click here to stay updated with the State of California's comprehensive, consumer-friendly website and public service announcements
to boost COVID-19 awareness.

Supporting our Local Soul Food Restaurants
Just a reminder from THE HUB to support our local soul food restaurants in an around the Sacramento Region. Place your orders for delivery or curbside pick up.
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