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We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves on who we are and what we do. We want to offer community events information, and commercial opportunities in this email.  We hope you will find these information useful and keep in contact!

18558 Gale Ave.  Ste 100, 
City of Industry, CA 91748

Temaki, also known as hand roll sushi, is a popular casual Japanese food. 

Now you don't have to go to Japan for good temaki. They  served freshly made temaki sushi right in front of you.   

Tradition in Near Future:
Ritual Corporeality in Contemporary Taiwanese Arts

STC Performing Arts and DIP will be presenting in a very educational event sponsored by The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles.

Opening Reception: July 21st , 2018, 14:00-16:30
(Live Performance from STC Foundation& Panel Discussion)
(策展人 / 北藝術大教授張懿文與 UCLA 教授 / 余承婕)

Related Events: 
1. "Experiencing Taiwanese Iconic Temple Tradition" Workshop: August 5th ,2018, 14:00-16:00 at Fowler Museum Courtyard (Live Performance from STC performance & family activities)
( 順天聯合基金會帶來現場表演與廟會繞境臉譜彩繪工作坊 )

2. Film Screening Din Tao Leader of the Parade":
September 21st ,2018, 19:00-21:00 at Taiwan Academy
閉幕活動:電影放映 「陣頭」
( 49 屆金馬獎最佳新導演與最佳原創電影歌曲提名 )

Free Admission 免費入場




Asia "Pop" Fitness Class
Instructor: Sally Owens
Contact us to sign up!  
Sally's Easy English Tutoring Class 
Now accepting beginner level students!
Phone: 951-840-6828
Facebook: SallyKpopX


STC, also known as "Sung Tien Collaboration", aims to bring people together in synergistic ways so that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. "Sung Tien" is a Chinese saying for following the heavens. We believe that doing good naturally brings good outcomes, and through the process, we can have a positive impact on those around us. Our expertise and people-oriented philosophy have proven to be key in successfully connecting members of our community so that each can benefit from the others and ultimately promote the well-being of everyone. As a result, Sung Tien Collaboration has swelled in numbers. 

As both real estate experts and members of the community, STC Management strives to educate its valued clients and prepare them with the best advantage possible in today's economy. As an Accredited Management Organization (AMO), we create value for clients through a combination of managing, leasing and brokering real estate investments. Our affiliations include CCIM, ICSC, AIR, IREM, AOA, MRMLS, NAR, CoStar, LoopNet, CAR, etc. Together, our network provides us with the opportunities and resources necessary in promoting creative and valuable solutions for clients. 

STC又名"順天聯合",旨在將獨立的人集合在一起從而獲得團結的力量,達到一加一大於二的效果。"順天"意為順從天意。我們相信善有善報,而我們的與人為善也能夠對周圍環境產生正面的影響。我們有的不只是專業技術,我們用以人為本的理念與對生命積極的態度也影響了我們周遭的朋友,改善我們的社區及環境。 順天聯合已經吸收了與我們志同道合的朋友和組織加入STC大家庭。 

身兼房地產專家和社區成員的雙重身份,STC資產管理致力於指導其尊貴的客戶使他們以最佳的條件應對當今的經濟形勢。作為一家經認證的管理組織(AMO),我們通過資產管理,租賃計畫和房地產投資策略的管理組合為客戶創造價值。我們的指定認證背景包栝:國際註冊商業地產投資師CCIM,國際購物中心理事會ICSC,美國工業地產協會成員AIR,國際資產管理協會IREM,公寓業主協會AOA,全國房地產經紀人協會NAR,加州房地產經紀 人協會CAR,Loopnet, CoStar, MRMLS等網絡。 我們的網絡為我們提供的機遇和必要的資源,從而為客戶推出新穎和有價值的解決方案