February 2021 -- SC STEM Hub Newsletter
New Year = New STEM!
We look forward to sharing 2021 STEM with you!

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Scale-Up Features 12 Exciting Programs
Educators around the state are invited to apply for Iowa STEM's 12 new Scale-Ups. This year, reviewers continued their focus on programs that related to core educational standards, offered engaging hands-on content, and featured varied delivery methods.

How-Tos & Tips:
  • Look at the One-Pagers to identify programs of interest.
  • Attend Information Sessions (schedule follows).
  • Read over the rubric before you begin writing.
  • Look for ways to include diverse and/or underserved students.
  • Discuss future continuity and existing framework.
  • Make sure you hit SUBMIT by March 5 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Need assistance? Call upon Dr. Sarah Derry.
Scale-Up Webinar and Zoom Schedules
If you need more information about programs, we've got you covered!

Meet the providers, ask about curriculum details, check on core alignment, and more!

For the most up-to-date info (including times and Zoom links) please click the blue box above.

P.S. Need a little extra help? Reach out to Sarah!
What's Next 4 YOU?
Virtual STEM Career Expo
Videos Released the Week of February 22
What is the Expo about?
These videos will feature information technology, environmental science, agriculture, and STEM professionals, highligting interviews, simulations, insightful tours, and more.

Who should sign-up?
  • Teachers looking to show how professionals use elements of STEM, incorporating it into current curriculum and standards.
  • Homeroom and advisement teachers seeking career-related materials.
  • While designed for grades 7-12, elementary and informal educators will also find relevant student applications.

How could teachers use the Expo?
  • Use entire or portions of videos.
  • Introduce a new topic by showing career relevance.
  • Connect students with Iowa professionals and employers.

Would your industry like to participate?
If so, please email Sarah at sarah.derry@drake.edu before February 8. We are seeking more partners and would love to hear from you!

Have questions or need more info? This event is a partnership between Sarah Derry, SC STEM Hub Manager and Kristine Bullock, SE STEM Hub Manager. Feel free to reach out to either. Please put EXPO QUESTION in the subject line.
IMMAWII Education Day STEM Fest Goes Virtual
Two Ways to Participate:

  • February 26, from 9-11 a.m. -- Join IMMAWII LIVE!

  • For the next year -- Join us via the Dashboard for STEM and cultural features.
February 26 Kick-Off!
The SC STEM Hub is proud to partner with I'll Make Me a World in Iowa's Education Day. This year, the whole event has gone online, which opens up incredible opportunities for programming during the February 26 LIVE Education Day Kick-Off and a Virtual Dashboard that will be available the whole year!

Dashboard--STEM Speakers Series Include:
  • Theresa Agbaje, Manufacturing Engineer, Collins Aerospace
  • Amiah Gooding, Engineering/Computer Science, IBM
  • Kendra Hilson, Biostatistician, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the Department of Epidemiology and Cancer & Jewels Academy Board Member
  • LaTonya Holmes, Learning & Development Advisor, East Penn Manufacturing
  • Tony Kioko, Assistant Director of IT Engineering, Principal
  • Anderson Sainci, Resource Management Coordinator, City of Dubuque
  • Dr. Udoyara Sunday Tim, ISU Professor & Researcher of Environmental Justice

Dashboard--Workshops Include:
  • "Agile Scrum" with Laura Williams, Greater Prairie Area Education Association
  • "Protect the Pringle" with Grace Carey, ISU's Women in Science & Engineering

Ways to Use the Series & Workshops
The SC STEM Hub is helping to create a STEM experience via a Career Speaker Series and hands-on workshops. Families and educators around the state can use all or parts of it, as interest and curriculum allows. Here are a few ways we think the Dashboard will be inspiring:
  • Families can watch and discuss speakers and careers.
  • Core teachers can incorporate elements into existing curriculum.
  • Homebase and advisement counselors can enrich career or STEM requirements with these speakers.
  • Afterschool providers can utilize the hands-on workshops.
  • Civic and community groups can highlight jobs and STEM around the state.
Your Ideas Make a Difference!
LIVE Twitter Chat
Iowa STEM has Moved!
Same Great Iowa STEM = New Website
If you have any trouble reaching Iowa STEM website materials, please let us know. We'll make sure you get the info and links needed. Email the Hub at scstemhub@drake.edu.
Virtual Resources for Any Educational Setting
We support families and school districts being able to make their own choices regarding the safest path to a great education. To help with virtual resources, Iowa STEM has created a Teachable Moment website.

  • Great PreK-12 Ideas
  • Lessons, Activities, and Demos
  • Links to Additional Providers
  • Great for Classroom Teachers, Students, Parents, Informal Educators

If there's something you're looking for, please reach out. These are difficult times, but please know the Hub is here for you. Email scstemhub@drake.edu.
Calendar of Events

Feb 4 -- STEM Mega Meeting
Feb 11 -- Live Twitter Chat
Feb 22 -- SC/SE Career Expo Launch
Feb 26 -- IMMAWII Education Day LIVE
March 5 – STEM Scale-Up Educator App Due
March 13 -- Jewels -- Spring App Camp Begins

If you have a STEM-related class, celebration, tribute, or event, please email us so we can share via social media and/or our event calendar.

For more events and details, please visit our website calendar.
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