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2020 March eXpresso STEAM Challenge
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Play, Compete and Win!
Throughout the year test your STE(A)M awareness, compete and win. We will be announcing dates and times for our online competitions. We have lots of cool prizes! And you'll be featured in our newsletter.

Compete against your parents! Check out our youtube library and we will reveal the correct answers to help you become an Expresso STE(A)M Champion!
Pick a Game, Play and Practice
(via Kahoots mobile app)!
The Technology of Everyday Objects

Where to Find Answers & Clues
10 Resources to Find Clues & Answers
We want to encourage you to search and discover the various resources that provide facts and information about the many "Hidden Figures" when it comes to Diversity in STE(A)M.
  • Wikipedia
  • BDPA.Org
  • NSBE.Org

How To Play
  1. Download the Kahoots mobile app on your phone or tablet or go to (on your laptop or desktop)
  2. Search and Find the #ExpressoSTEAMgames present games
  3. Practice and Play GAMES
  4. Submit Your High Score and accumulate points
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