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June 2019
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Middle School students extract DNA
by Seng Saechao

STEM Beyond School sites at Bridger and Parkrose Middle schools in Portland joined together as a Science Club of 30 students to explore collecting DNA. The club is led by Seng Saechao, Extension 4-H Educator, as part of the statewide STEM Beyond School Program. SBS provides high-quality after-school STEM programming to youth in grades 3 -8 in locations where under-served students have limited science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) opportunities. Funding from the Spirit Mountain Community Fund made this programming possible this year.
After learning that all living things contain DNA, which makes us each individually unique and able to pass down genes to our next generations, they had the opportunity to extract DNA from a banana. The soft property of bananas makes it easy to mash in order to start the process of separating the DNA from the rest of the fruit. For this process we used warm water, dish soap, and very cold isopropyl alcohol. The warm water makes the mix more liquid, the dish soap helps break down the membrane that surrounds the DNA called lipids (fatty molecules), like dish soap breaks down grease or oils. The very cold isopropyl alcohol added at the end helps prevent the DNA from dissolving and causes it to clump together for a better sample. After straining the soapy banana mixture through the coffee filter into a cup, the alcohol is poured in (letting it run in from the side of the cup so there is a clear layer of the two substances). It will begin to clump the DNA on the top layer when carefully stirred with a stick. See the Parkrose student above proudly displaying his successful sample of DNA.
Students were exhilarated by the DNA experiment and wanted to learn more. It sparked their curiosity which can become a pathway into more STEM education and potential careers. Some kids carried their zip lock bags of DNA home to share with their families!
Marine Biology career talk to 6 th graders

Jenny East, Oregon Sea Grant and Extension faculty specializing in Boating Outreach spoke with fifty six 6 th graders at West Union Elementary School about pursuing careers related to marine biology. East said they were "all very attentive, well mannered and asked lots of great questions". They discussed other biology related careers and heard what she does statewide working with marinas and talking to groups on preventing water pollution in water ways from streams to oceans.
Each month Metro Connection will introduce a member of our Metro Extension Advisory Board called Regional Extension Citizen Advisory Network - RECAN. Members learn about Extension work and share grass roots trends and needs from their lens and aide us in evaluating our work and planning how best to use our partnerships to reach and serve local communities. We are grateful for their time, ideas and service as Extension advocates.
We'd like you to meet Norie Dimeo-Ediger
by Stephanie Haugen

Norie Dimeo-Ediger doesn’t want today’s students to be intimidated by science like she once was. She wants them to grasp basic biology and understand the fascinating intricacies of the natural world.

That’s why Dimeo-Ediger has dedicated her career to demystifying science. Initially earning master’s degrees in education and teaching biology, she worked with students in public schools and then taught biology at Portland Community College. For the last 18 years, Dimeo-Ediger has worked for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI), a state agency dedicated to bringing forest education to all Oregonians. Click here to read her story.

Oregon Bee Atlas

Volunteers with the Oregon Bee Atlas are helping Forestry & Natural Resources Extension faculty Amy Grotta with a native bee research project at the Matteson Demonstration Forest near Hagg Lake. Once a month this spring and summer, local Oregon Bee Atlas volunteers are coming to the forest to collect and record the populations of bees that are there.

There are at least 500 species of bees native to Oregon, and many inhabit forests, particularly forest openings – places where there is bare ground for them to nest and plenty of flowering plants to feed upon. These pollinator species are vital to the food supply and the natural environment around us. Learn more about this project on Amy’s blog, TreeTopics . Also, OPB recently featured the Oregon Bee Atlas on Oregon Field Guide .
North Valley Crop Tour

For growers and fieldmen: Extension will hold two crop tours on June 5, winter wheat plot tour and red clover weed management.
Contact Nicole Anderson for more info at 503-553-9922.
Matteson Forest Volunteer Work Day
Friday, June 7, 10 am – 1 pm
We’d love your help! Several projects at the Matteson Demonstration Forest require extra helping hands. So we are holding our first volunteer work day. Be prepared for lopping, hauling and loading brush.

See more details here and RSVP to Sonia.reagan@oregonstate.edu , or call the OSU Extension Office 503-397-3462 and ask for Sonia or Kara. Thank you!
Pollinator Palooza
Celebrate National Pollinator Week!

FREE! Honey - Beehives - Arts and Crafts - Giveaways

Saturday June 22nd - 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
2600 SW Hillsboro Highway
Hillsboro, OR 97123 - 503-681-6206
Still want to know more about pollinators?

Listen to to Podcast PolliNation (Episode 98) with Bob Falconer to learn about Backyard Pollinator Strips Made Easy. 
Small Farm School is July 18!

This is a full-day event in Oregon City, with hands-on workshops and classroom sessions for beginning and small-scale commercial farmers. This year will include a dairy track with sessions on nutrition and grazing for dairy animals, milk handling, and starting an artisan creamery. For schedule and more information click here .
Barring Wildlife Helps Get Your Space Back!

When it comes to sharing space, humans and wildlife don’t see eye to eye.“Our homes and gardens often overlap with spaces and resources used by wild animals, both native and non-native,” said Dana Sanchez, Oregon State University Extension Service wildlife specialist. “A ‘shared habitat’ situation can pose some challenges when the animals’ day-to-day activities come in conflict with ours.”
Click here to read the full story!
Open House Success!

The Washington County Master Gardener Association Education Garden at PCC Rock Creek held its first Open House on May 17 . Over 50 attended including staff from PCC Rock Creek, representatives from supporting organizations, fellow WCMGA members , family and friends. Susan Albright , WCMGA President led the program which included talks by the following: Sue Ryburn, WCMGA member and co -lead of the Education Garden; Cheryl Scott, Dean of Instruction, PCC Rock Creek; Jenn Peters, Landscape Technology (LAT) Dept Chair at PCC Rock Creek and Gail Langellotto, OSU Professor and Statewide MG Program Coordinator.

Since groundbreaking June 2018, the site has truly been transformed "from gravel to garden". In less than one year these volunteers have spread 40 truckloads of soil, incorporated 10 loads of compost, and planted over 750 plants with varieties hovering around 250. All of this would not have been possible without the help of the 21 organizations and businesses that provided grants and support of materials and services, the individuals who made financial contributions and all our WCMGA members who contributed their time and expertise to our activities at PCC Rock Creek.

A new sign thanking supporters has been installed at the garden. We look forward many more years of our wonderful partnership with PCC Rock Creek as we continue to utilize the garden to help expand educational outreach both students and adult in the community.
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