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2019 NAACP San Diego Branch STEM Camp
STEM Camp Kicks off at Bell Middle School

The NAACP San Diego Branch's 2019 STEM Camp kicked off on July 24th at Bell Middle School. This year's camp has been expanded from 5 days to 8 days, and from 15 students to 25! We are hoping to make a difference in the lives of these kids. The...

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July General Membership Meeting — July 11
July General Membership Meeting
The first Thursday of July will be July 4th. Rather than have our meeting on a national holiday, please join us for the  SECOND  Thursday of July! Give your opinion in person, and make connections with your fellow members. Coming to a meeting is the best way to start to get engaged and make a difference!

6pm, July 11, 2019
Jacobs Center Community Room
404 Euclid Avenue

Facebook user?  RSVP here .

Remember, you can see the agendas and reports at sandiegonaacp.org/meeting .
Today is PTSD Awareness Day
PTSD Awareness Day

Army Sgt. Jon Harmon lost both legs after stepping on an improvised explosive device while on a mission in Afghanistan in 2012 . Today he speaks to commands and veterans about his personal struggle with mental health and how he works to overcome...

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Photos (and Results!) from Lobby Day!
2019 Lobby Day with the NAACP

Last week, Assemblymember Gipson informed NAACP State President Huffamn, that the Conference Committee funded his request for Sickle Cell Disease Centers. If you remember, this budget item was accompanied by a companion bill, AB 1105 (Gipson)...

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Curtis Taylor to Perform at the Freedom Fund Dinner
Curtis Taylor: Headline Entertainer

The NAACP San Diego Branch Freedom Fund Dinner Committee is pleased to announce that the Grammy®-award-winning musician Curtis Taylor will perform at our Freedom Fund Dinner, in this our Centennial Year! The Freedom Fund Dinner is an annual event ...

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Environment & Climate Justice
We are happy to announce that the NAACP San Diego Branch now has an Environment and Climate Justice Committee, chaired by Ms Sonja Robinson. If you'd like to get involved in seeing that our Community is no longer subject to excess pollution, environmental hazard and suffering due to climate change, come out and join the committee.
August Branch Events
Prayer Vigil
August 16th
Back-to-School Stay-inSchool Rally and Fair
August 17th
Criminal Justice Roundtable
August 24th
Member-Owned Business Directory
Buy Local, Buy Small, Buy NAACP
Use your dollars to support small local businesses owned by your fellow NAACP members. We have enough economic power to make the difference to these businesses; use it!
Experiencing Discrimination?
Your branch is here to help. If you have experienced discrimination, the very best way to get started is to fill out a Discrimination Complaint . It will get us all the basic facts we need to determine whether we can help you directly or need to refer you to other resources.
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