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Computer Science for All: Can Schools Pull It Off?
Education Week
Alante Klyce wants to be a dancer. Yet here she is, inside a sun-filled classroom at Lindblom Math & Science Academy on the city's South Side, throwing around tech-industry terms like "ideation" and working with friends to design her first mobile app. Continue reading here.
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Latest STEM Education News
The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM
The Atlantic Though their numbers are growing, only 27 percent of all students taking the AP Computer Science exam in the United States are female. The gender gap only grows worse from there: Just 18 percent of American computer-science college degrees go to women. Continue reading here.
Google Executive Comes Home, Teaches Value of STEM Education 
Miami Herald  
Growing up in Miami in the 1990s, I was fascinated by all things tech. Technology in general - and computer technology in particular - was still a relatively new frontier then, and educational opportunities in the computer science (CS) field were limited. At the time, my school didn't teach coding - it taught typing. Finish the story here. 
Want to Host a Hackathon and Teach Real-Life STEM Skills? Here's How
eSchool News 
On Saturday, January 27th, Warren Township High School in Illinois celebrated our 2nd annual hackathon, Devil Hack 1.01. This two-event featured teams of high schoolers hacking out a real-world solution to a real-world challenge. Read more here.  
STEM in the States: 
Gov. Rick Snyder Has a Plan to Get 800,000 Michiganders $60k Jobs

Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday announced a broad plan to train Michiganders for the high-demand, high-wage careers that will power the state's economic future.  "Our country is facing a huge national challenge about getting people connected to careers," Snyder said... Continue reading here.
STEM Education in Idaho
The New York Times
The actions of Idaho state lawmakers in censoring the global scientific consensus regarding nonrenewable sources of energy, and removing supporting content that refers to human-driven climate change, display a fundamental misunderstanding of how STEM education works. Continue reading here.
Around the Community:
Upcoming: SmartBrief Education's 5th Annual STEM Pathways Summit
SmartBrief Education 
 Learn about cutting-edge practices, trends, resources and tools with K-20 STEM leaders. Build a learning network with colleagues and share success stories and lessons learned, all while getting the latest strategic insights in STEM. The free to attend, 5th annual event is taking place Thursday, October 18, 2018 at the New York Historical Society in New York City. Sign up to request a seat and, submit a proposal if you are interested in presenting at this year's summit.  
Check out the latest issue of STEM Magazine! 
STEM Magazine  
The latest issue of STEM Magazine features a cover story on NASA's Orion spacecraft. The issue also features articles on preparing students for the future and completing more accurate engineering calculations. Read the full issue here.  
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