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Enrichment Program Boosts STEM for Black Students but Leaves Latinos Behind
Cornell Chronicle
Researchers trying to figure out how to get more black and Latino students into science, technology, engineering and mathematics usually focus on those students' college years. In a new study that capitalizes on data from the National Center for Educational Statistics and methods that address causality, Cornell sociologists looked at an earlier portion of the pipeline - in high school, when students' commitment to STEM fields tends to solidify... Continue reading here.
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How American Students Truly Rank in International Testing
Observer One of the biggest political battleground issues for 2018 is going to be education policy, and America's international test scores serve as evidence for the need to change. But before we rush headlong into another attempt to remake our schools, we need to understand how our students performed compared to other countries and what we really need to focus on in order to help kids succeed. Continue reading here.
The STEAM-Powered Elementary School: Montour Opens World's First Lego-Themed Brick Makerspace
The Journal
Pennsylvania's Montour Elementary School stands out even among schools that have embraced STEAM education, the maker movement, hands-on learning and augmented and virtual reality. So when the K-4 school opened the world's first "Brick Makerspace" - a Lego Education-powered STEAM lab ... Finish the story here.  
CTE and Non-Cognitive Skills: A Match Made in Heaven?
Fordham Institute  
Non-cognitive skills are an increasingly popular topic in education. These include capabilities like perseverance, grit, self-efficacy, work ethic, and conscientiousness. Research shows that possessing them can affect both scholastic and life outcomes. Read more here.  
STEM in the States: 
Wolf: Budget Aims to Bolster Economy, Workforce through Education, Skills Training
On Tuesday Gov. Tom Wolf laid out his plan to ensure Pennsylvania's workforce has the skills and education to succeed in 21st century jobs as the commonwealth's economy continues to grow. The proposal includes the first major investment in workforce development and skills training, including dedicated funding for STEM and computer science education. Continue reading here.
Worried About The Skills Gap? Here's What One State Is Doing

Iowa's employers, like most around the country, are ringing alarm bells about a skilled worker shortage, and the state's leaders are responding - by setting a goal for 70 percent of Iowans in the workforce to acquire education or training beyond high school by 2025. Continue reading here.
Around the Community:
What One Community Has Done to Create a Culture of STEM
In case you haven't heard, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education is incredibly important to maintaining America's historical role as the world's biggest and most innovative economy. Oh, have probably heard that. In fact, we've all heard that. 
Read more here.  
AV Club 
Disney is just shoveling up money thanks to Marvel's Black Panther, but there are only so many disappointing Toy Story-themed Disney World attractions you can blow your money on at one time. So, in what seems to be an overt nod to Letitia Wright's teenage genius Shuri, Disney has announced that it's donating $1 million to the Boys & Girls Club Of America to help expand its STEM programs. That comes from ComingSoon, which says Disney's money will also be used to establish a STEM Center Of Innovation in Oakland, California. Read the full story here.  
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