March 2020 Newsletter
Events! We are in a period of check, check, then check again before you leave the house to attend any public event over the next couple of months!

May 5 - The Clare Gladwin CTE program offers up their Reverse Career Fair. Students from 10 different programs will present themselves, their skills and knowledge. Many are ready for immediate work. Employers are needed to come talk with students to motivate them to continue on with their quest for a rewarding career.

SUMMER, 2020 - Both the CGRESD and the GIRESD are planning Skilled Trades Camps for Middle and/or High School students! As we move on to the other side of the mountain for this crisis production will be critical for our economy and trades careers should be as strong as ever.
March is Reading Month!

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, March is designated as Reading Month as a extra little reminder to everyone to enjoy reading! There are some awesome activities taking place in classrooms across the nation but particularly in the central Michigan ...

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Since the time of the posting for the next article SO MANY businesses and organizations have stepped up to assist those in need throughout our area. I am still running the next article because I think those folks who made commitments immediately when the needs arose set the stage for the others to follow. They also began the process of easing minds and hearts a bit as we entered unknown territory. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up and we hope you all can last this out so we can emerge stronger than ever before.

I reused the picture of Blake Whitehouse from the City of Beaverton as representative of those truly essential workers whom those of us working from the safety of our own home appreciate so much!
What now . . .

With all of these crazy cancellations I was starting to worry that I would not have anything for my Newsletter. Then Friday the 13th happened. A friend of mine on Facebook (clarify-friend is a guy I graduated with 45 years ago but have not seen...

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What is it that makes some people so special that they go to such a level as this? Shepherd Public Schools, like so many in our region, have been providing meals for students while they are not in school. But Dave Brant (bus driver) and Mason Cross (sophomore student) don't just deliver meals, they deliver smiles to our kids by dressing in character.
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WHY your business should care about building a STEM-based Talent Pipeline
  • STEM jobs grew at 300% the rate of other jobs in the last decade
  • 71% of employers reported having difficulty hiring for a STEM job within the last 12 months
  • Developing a talent pipeline can reduce your time spent recruiting, which increases profits