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Here’s how to leverage federal funds for STEM education
May 3, 2016  - Laura Devaney, Director of News for eSchool Media@ESN_LAURA

The U.S. Department of Education issued guidance to school districts and educational leaders on funding STEM education opportunities.

A letter  directed to states, school districts and schools offers examples of how federal funds can serve to support the development, implementation and expansion of STEM education and learning experiences to improve student achievement.
It is important for students to be able to describe characters and explain how their feelings and actions affect the order of events.

It is recommended that students  use the prompting words -what, where, when, color, number, shape, size, sound, movement, surroundings, mood, & point of view -- to better enable them to do this.

Analyzing Characters

Show this video clip from the movie "Brave" (3 min. 3 sec.) and have the students write what they think each of the characters are thinking and feeling.
Character’s thoughts & feelings

   Queen Elinor

   King Fergus


GOT GAME? Competition Underway
We want to know who's GOT GAME?

Middle and high school students are invited to compete in the STEM Fuse 2016 Spring GOT GAME? Competition.  

T his is your student's opportunity to showcase everything they learned in the GAME:IT Junior, GAME:IT or GAME:IT Intermediate classes.

The GOT GAME? competition is open to students from 5th - 12th grades, competing in two divisions: 

      Junior Division:  5th - 8th Grades
      Senior Division:  9th - 1 2th Grades

Game submissions will be accepted through June 2nd, 2016 at 4:00 PM Central. 

For full contest details, click here:   http://arcade.stemfuse.com/got-game-rules
Congrats to the 2016 Minnesota Aspirations for Women in Computing Awards Honorees
Join STEM Fuse in congratulating and recognizing the 2016 Aspirations for Women in Computing Awards Honorees.  The Awards ceremony was held April 19 and recognized 30 Minnesota high school women for their achievements in technology.   The ceremony also recognized Minnesota’s 2016 Aspirations Educator of the Year.

The Aspirations for Women in Computing awards honor young women in grades 9-12 for their computing-related achievements and interests. Along with their recognition, winners are awarded prizes ranging from tech devices to job shadowing opportunities at Minnesota businesses.

Video Game Camps for Students
STEM Fuse is holding Video Game Camp in Minnesota this summer.   Our camps take students through learning, playing, and building their own video games!

Find out more information on these camps by go ing to:  STEMFuseCamps.com

Please spread the word to students (or their parents) who may be interested in attending these exciting project-based camps.
Teacher Workshops
  -----  READING WORKSHOPS  -----

Conquering Reading Challenges

May 19th-- Maple Grove, MN - 9:00-2:30PM
June 13th--San Antonio, TX 9:30-3:00PM
June 21--Maple Grove, MN 9:30-3:00PM
August 3--Sioux Center, IA 9:30-3:00PM
August 9--Maple Grove, MN 9:30-3:00PM

Teaching Writing Made Easy
July 19--Richfield MN

Literacy Conference
San Angelo TX
July 12-13, 2016

Dyslexia Conference
San Angelo TX
October 11-12, 2016


Incorporate STEM into all subjects in your Elementary school with project-based coding projects, 3D modeling lessons and unplugged activities

May 12th - Richfield, MN -  9:30 - 12:00
May 26th - Dilworth, MN (Moorhead area) - 9:00 - 11:30
August 16th -  Richfield, MN -  9:30 - 12:00

Teach STEM and computer programming with GAME:IT or GAME:IT Junior
(For middle and high schools)

May 12th - Richfield, MN - 1:00 - 4:00
May 26th - Dilworth, MN (Moorhead area) - 12:30 - 3:30
August 16th -  Richfield, MN -  1:00 - 4:00

STEM Fuse Courses
Our standards-aligned, digital courses include EVERYTHING needed to teach the course, including discussion topics, presentations, group activities and projects, step-by-step instructions for projects, assess
  Want to learn more about our courses?  
We have demos scheduled for our most popular courses.  If you don't see a demo for the course you're interested in or for a time that works in your schedule, contact customerservice@stemfuse.com and we will schedule a 1:1 session!
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Did you know?
Did you know our READ:IT curriculum gets even struggling students to grade level in one year?

Here is the testimonial from a school teacher, Kristi Maloney from Dakota Valley Elementary, about the drastic improvement in one student's reading due to the implementation of the READ:IT program in her class.

"I thought I would share one of our proudest results…this is a progress monitoring graph for our lowest 2nd grader (at the beginning of the year---no longer!!!). As you can see, this student was slowly improving through the year, but recently, he has skyrocketed!! This aim-line, if he stays on it, shows he will end the year AT GRADE LEVEL!!!

We are so very excited about the results in our students---every student has improved!!"