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Friday May 10, 2013
K-12 Education
Students gain hands-on science experience (Chatham Daily News)
Dozens of Chatham-Kent elementary school students participated Thursday in a hands-on program sponsored by The Science Education Partnership. Students from six area schools converged on Our Lady of Fatima School for the event. Wendy Hooghiem, science partnership technician with The Science Education Partnership (SEP) said science is best learned by doing. She said SEP provides local educators with three programs that make learning science fun and as interactive as possible. They include the science kit program, adopt-a-scientist volunteer program and innovative science supports linking school to community. Save Our Science: How to Inspire a New Generation of Scientists (Scientific American)
The artist Pablo Picasso once said that all children are born artists and that the trick is to stay that way as an adult. I believe that all children have an inner scientist, and we need to get them in touch with their inner scientist. The way to do this is to improve science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Sadly, the kind of expansive thinking, problem solving and curiosity that is inspired by good STEM teaching is taught out of kids because of the emphasis on testing and rote learning. Every year, millions of children enter kindergarten armed with a one-word question: “Why?”

The Art of Teaching Science (Getting Smart)
If only teaching K-12 science was itself a science – assess student knowledge deficits and remedy them. This “knowledge deficit” model has been shown ineffective time and again. Most teachers already know that; it’s why they work so hard to develop lesson plans and activities tailored to their students. So here’s a new tool for any teacher who’s spent evenings and weekends trying to find a lesson that’s the perfect fit for their class: it’s called MOSART, brought to you by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Want to Make Money Right Out of School? Study Engineering (Slate)
According to a new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, average starting salaries for members of the college class of 2013 are highest for folks who majored in petroleum engineering. Next comes computer engineering followed by chemical engineering followed by computer science followed by aerospace engineering followed by mechanical engineering followed by electrical engineering.
3 Graphs Explain Why There Is A Tech-Talent Shortage And Immigrants Are Needed (Tech Crunch)
Yes, we do need high-skilled immigrants because we don’t have enough qualified workers. Contrary to a widely publicized report claiming that a tech-talent shortage is a myth, A new Brookings Institute study confirms our argument that there is a shortage and businesses need immigrants to fill the innovation vacuum.
H-1B Visas and the STEM Shortage (Brookings)
Last month, a landmark immigration reform bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate that has the potential to both increase the number of available H-1B visas for foreigners working in specialty occupations and shift the U.S. employment-based visa system to a more merit-based scheme favoring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers.
Higher Education
Sierra College STEM Puts Additive Manufacturing in Del Oro High School Class (SFGate)
The 3D printer in Tom Stargaard’s freshman Tech Core class at Del Oro High School in Loomis, CA has run every day since it was unpacked in January. The Sierra College Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Collaborative anticipates this early classroom introduction to rapid prototype equipment will lead students to consider technical careers in evolving manufacturing industries. Exposure to 3D printing entices students to dream, create, design and experience the fascinating world of additive manufacturing.
New EPIC Studio Will Equip ENG Students with Design Skills (BU Today)
By many accounts, manufacturing is making a comeback in the United States. US manufacturers have added 500,000 new workers since the end of 2009, energy costs have dropped, and labor costs in competing countries such as China and India have been inching upward. President Barack Obama has been pushing to expand advanced manufacturing, most recently in his 2013 State of the Union address.
Engineering joins GCU offerings as stock hits record (Business Joural Phoenix)
Grand Canyon University plans to add engineering degree programs to push it further into STEM fields and attract more students. As a state, Arizona is making a collective push for stronger science, technology, engineering and math curriculums to prepare students for a competitive workforce.
Women In STEM
Microsoft Names Amy Hood New CFO (PC Magazine)
Microsoft on Wednesday named Amy Hood its new chief financial officer, effective immediately. Hood was promoted from CFO of the Microsoft Business Division (MBD). She replaces outgoing CFO Peter Klein, whom Microsoft would stay at the company through the end of June "to ensure a smooth transition."
Evanston Team Wins Exploravision Award (The Maker Mom)
I've learned about more STEM clubs and competitions for tweens since first writing about the topic. For example, Exporavision. My friend Dana told me she and her spouse mentored their son's team and I hope to circle back for a conversation, interview, or guest post on her experience. Exploravision is a national K-12 science competition that encourages children to imagine and create the technology of the future.
Women in STEM: Why Are They Leaving? (Let's Talk About Work)
I am a woman. I have a degree in computer science and a degree in electrical engineering. So what wonderful, exciting, glamorous engineering job am I working at today? I’m not. I’m no longer working in the technology / engineering field. And, believe it or not, I’m not an anomaly. In the US, only 26% of women with STEM degrees actually work in STEM jobs. Working as a female in a STEM field can sometimes be very challenging.
STEM Innovation
9-Year-Old Names Asteroid 'Bennu' for NASA Mission (Mashable)
A near-Earth asteroid that will be visited by a NASA spacecraft in 2018 now has a more approachable name — "Bennu" — thanks to a North Carolina third-grader. Nine-year-old Michael Puzio's suggestion beat out more than 8,000 other entries in an international student contest that sought to rename potentially dangerous asteroid (101955) 1999 RQ36, which is the target of NASA's Osiris-Rex sample-return mission. "It's great!" Puzio said when told he won the contest. "I'm the first kid I know that named part of the solar system!"

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America’s brightest middle school Mathletes� attempt to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS� title May 10
What do you get when you combine 325 mathematicians and Pascal’s Triangle? The shape of things to come... This Friday, May 10, hundreds of America’s brightest middle school Mathletes will attempt to set a new Guinness World Records title to draw attention to the importance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The 325 participants from the Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition – including 224 middle school Mathletes, 61 coaches and 20 advisors – will attempt to arrange themselves into a giant Pascal’s Triangle.

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Triangle Coalition to Host Poster Session and Reception with the 2012-2013 Einstein Fellows on June 6th
On Thursday, June 6, 2013, the Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education will be hosting a Poster Session and Reception on Capitol Hill with the 2012-2013 Einstein Fellows. The Hors d'oeuvres reception will be held from 3:00-5:00PM EST at the Russell Senate Office Building in Room 485. Learn about the extraordinary work and accomplishments of the 26 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows over the 2012-2013 fellowship year.