August 6, 2021
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School is starting soon, so make the most out of the last of your summer with the STEM opportunities, news, and events below! ⚛️
✨ 2021 STEM Leadership Academy Recap! ✨
Wow, what an amazing 3 weeks of STEM Leadership Academies! 🎉 This year, the Academy placed a special focus on addressing the growing impacts of climate change. Each Academy ended with students creating their own product or service to combat climate change with a panel of judges selecting a winning project! 💡 180 girls from Chicago, D.C./Baltimore, and Philadelphia participated in online educational seminars and discussions, hands-on workshops using tools and other items sent to them beforehand as part of a STEM Supply Kit, and even got to gather in-person the first day of their Academy to meet their energy challenge teams!

Congratulations to the winning teams of the Energy Challenge! 🏆 In Chicago, the winning project was "Green Queens" which included Olivia Kocot, Chase Hunter, and Jaqueline Coronel (Olivia and Chase were featured on the news here!). From Philadelphia, the winning project was "Healthy Cow" which included Kira Gulko, Amira Shakur, and Jess Wu. In D.C/Baltimore, the winning project was "AJMA Energy" which included Abigail Antonishek, Jordan Tue, and Micaela Venyo. Congratulations to all! 🎉
Join us to chat with Stephanie Espy, author of STEM Gems!
Wednesday, August 19th

Stephanie wrote STEM Gems with a mission: to help girls and young women to see their future selves as scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, and to show them the many diverse options that exist in STEM. 

Ask Stephanie questions about her career path, book, being a woman in STEM, and more!
Want to learn more about a summer internship at Exelon including how to apply and make your resume stand out? College students, join us for the below webinars!
Exelon’s Summer 2022 College Internship Program for Engineering Students:

Exelon’s Summer 2022 College Internship Program for Non-Engineering Students:

Both webinars will include an overview of Exelon’s internship program, how to apply online, resume-writing tips, and Q&A with Exelon’s college-recruiting team.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
In 2020, Exelon invested over $2.7 billion in Diversity-Certified Suppliers! Meet some of our inspiring partners:
Carole Zordani, President
Scale Construction

Despite fighting prejudice against women three decades ago in the construction field, Scale Construction founder Carole Zordani is still standing firmly on the solid foundations she’s built in the industry.

Zordani launched Chicago-based Scale Construction, a ComEd supplier, in 1990. The woman- and family-owned company specializes in general construction, construction management services, and design/build. Her presence wasn’t always welcome in the industry, Carole said. “My favorite was when they were calling to say they want to talk to the boss,” she said. “I’d say, ‘You’re talking to her.’” 👏
Maria Pacifico, President
Pacifico Ford

Nothing represents the power to keep going like a fleet of vehicles at your disposal. Philadelphia-based Pacifico Ford, Inc., helps ensure that PECO stays on the move even during roadblocks to progress like a pandemic.

Established in 1920 in South Philadelphia, Pacifico Ford is a woman- and family-owned business that services municipal clients and corporations. Maria shared that the tumult of doing business in 2020 fortified the company. “We actually got better,” she said. “We became stronger. We learned. We have always been very customer-centric. There was a mutual appreciation with all of our customers, whether they be fleet customers or retail customers."
Don't miss these STEM opportunities!
Ensuring that girls are exposed to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is fundamental to AAUW’s mission of advancing gender equity. Join AAUW and the Arconic Foundation to ignite a promising future for girls through their new six-week virtual summer program. STEMEd for Girls is designed to attract girls in grades 9-12 to STEM and help parents and guardians to nurture their potential. Sign up today to gain confidence, have fun, get inspired - and join a national community of girls and women excited about the endless opportunities in STEM!
Camp GoldieBlox is an interactive, multi-platform experience of video "campisodes" paired with DIY activities, curriculum, prizes, bonus content, and special live events... all for free!
Featuring guest experts and influencers, this STEM camp is going to be fun for girls interested in learning more about STEM careers and topics. You can participate in these videos, activities, and resources any time! Make the most out of your summer and get learning with Camp Goldie Blox! ⛺
At the Tokyo Olympics, almost 49% of participating athletes will be women, making it the most gender-balanced Games in history!
Kathely Rosa, 19, pictured center with ball, with other graduates of the One Win Leads to Another programme in Brazil. Photos: UN Women/Camille Miranda
As the Tokyo Olympics are underway, almost 49 per cent of participating athletes will be women, making it the most gender-balanced Games in history. All 206 National Olympic Committees also have at least one female and one male athlete representative. This marks a landmark for gender balance in sport – a powerful means of empowering women and girls! 🥇 Learn about just a few inspirational women breaking down gender barriers all around the world:

⚽ Kathely Rosa, an aspiring soccer coach from Brazil is one of 15 girls from One Win Leads to Another (OWLA), a joint programme with UN Women and the International Olympic Committee that provides weekly sport practice and life skills sessions for adolescent girls.

🏊‍♀️ Malak Abdelshafi, a Paralympic swimming champion from Egypt who suffered severe spinal cord injuries from an accident that left her partially paralysed when she was 10 months old. “I started swimming as hydrotherapy, since wheelchair-users usually need to maintain blood circulation,” says Abdelshafi. “I did not plan to swim professionally. During my hydrotherapy sessions, my trainer said I was talented and pushed me to compete.”

🥊 Anita Karim, Pakistan’s first professional mixed martial arts fighter is the only woman among the more than 300 professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in Pakistan. “I understand how significant confidence and knowledge of self-defense are for girls,” says Karim. “I started training in mixed martial arts and I wanted to become an example for other girls to encourage them to join a sport like MMA that makes individuals healthy and active.

There's a demand for professionals in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Issues
It's a good time to be an ESG professional. The demand for analysts, strategists and others knowledgeable about environmental, social and governance issues has never been higher — far more than the current supply of qualified humans. And therein lies a challenge to the growth of sustainability and climate solutions. 🌍

Demand for ESG experts is booming across professional services, including at finance and investment firms, management consultancies, boutique advisory firms and real estate companies as well as non-governmental organizations and business associations — not to mention the thousands of companies that are all but required to compile and report their ESG data to any of a broad range of stakeholders, then align their strategies, relationships and operations accordingly. It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation. The problem is that there simply aren’t enough hands, especially those with the skills needed to meet the moment. If you're interested in jobs in ESG, what tasks the jobs require, and what qualities to have, read more below!
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