Company leaders continuously evaluate employees to determine strengths and advancement opportunities. It is, perhaps, the primary technique in determining eligibility for increases in pay, positional promotions, etc. However, all too often company leaders promote their best, most loyal, safety minded employee to fill supervisor positions even if he/she lacks supervisory experience. 
Why not pre-plan these strategic moves and have those employees attend GCSC's Supervisory Training Education Program (STEP)? This program will teach existing and/or new supervisors how to best supervise their employees and develop a management style that will ensure their success as a supervisor.

This course is offered for current front-line supervision and future potential employees being considered for supervision. 

After completing this 2-day course, students will:
  • Understand the value and philosophy of supervision and leadership responsibilities
  • Receive the knowledge and skill to be an effective communicator
  • Learn the art of influencing and changing behaviors through coaching and discipline
  • Understand how conducting a thorough accident/incident investigation is an essential component of being an effective manager/supervisor
  • Understand how to set expectations and effectively manage safely