STI/SPFA Product Award Winners and Safety Award Recipients Announced During the 2021 Virtual Annual Business Meeting
Winners of the 2020 STI/SPFA Steel Product Awards were announced during the 2021 Annual Business Meeting. Member companies were recognized in 13 categories. Entries are for products fabricated in the prior year. This year's entries submitted used more than 300,000 tons of steel. View the winners and all entries on the STI/SPFA website.

Safety Award recipients were also announced during the Annual Business Meeting. Member companies could submit applications for three categories, Safety Diamond Club, Safety Award of Excellence and Safety Award of Achievement. Details of the categories and a list of recipients can be found on the STI/SPFA website.
Fabricator Members
  • Prime Enclosures Inc.
The Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association (STI/SPFA) Board of Directors were elected by members of the association. Officers for 2021 were also elected by the Board following the online Business Meeting. Terms of new Fabricator Member Board of Directors is for three years. The term for the Affiliate Member Board of Director position is two years. New directors for the Shop-Fabricated section include Bob Nemeth of Stanwade Metal Products Inc. and John Edward Jones of Modern Welding Co. A full list of the Board of Directors can be found here.
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Affiliate of the Week
The Affiliate of the Week program highlights an Affiliate company each week. The following companies have been featured as Affiliate of the Week since the beginning of 2021: