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Man Fatally Injured After Crashing Car Into Davenport, IA Airport Fuel Farm and Fireguard TankTopofpage
On June 30, a man in Davenport, IA, crashed his car into a fueling facility at the Davenport, IA Municipal Airport after a high-speed chase with police. An update of the incident revealed that although the accident did result in a fire, it was contained to the pump dispenser platform, and the Fireguard tank, manufactured by Acterra Group, remained in great condition. 

Officials said in a subsequent report, "Although there was a fire following the heavy impact of the vehicle, it was contained to the pump dispenser platform. The three fuel dispensing safeguards installed throughout both fuel systems worked flawlessly. These safeguards include thermal shutoff valves, impact shutoff valves, and power interruption shutoff valves. On the initial impact, each valve closed preventing the release of fuel from the ballistic grade main storage tank. Although there was a small release of fuel from the pump and supply lines on the platform, it is estimated to be less than 40 gallons and was contained by the specially designed concrete platform. The fuel that was released, along with the water applied to fight the fire was cleaned up within hours of the event and never left the concrete platform. The main fuel tank itself suffered cosmetic damage only." 

STI-SPFA/API Storage Tank Fundamentals Course at API Conference
In October, STI-SPFA/API held a Storage Tank Fundamentals Seminar in conjunction with the API Conference in Austin, Texas. The content of the seminar was related to API 650, and STI/SPFA member companies developed and presented the information. The seminar highlighted what tank fabricators would like buyers to know. Speaker companies included Advance Tank & Construction Co., Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Co., Fisher Tank, McDermott Intl - CB&I Storage Tank Solutions, The Sherwin Williams Company, and Tnemec Company, Inc. This year's seminar had over 60 attendees and was well received by those that participated based on evaluations received. More storage tank seminars will be planned for 2019. Look for STI/SPFA's education newsletter, Education Connection, to learn about other educational opportunities both online and in-person.
Eaton Metal Products Pulls 45+ Year Old Tanks 
Eaton Metal Products pulled out 40,000 gallon underground storage tanks at a hospital in Colorado in Summer 2018. The 3/8" thick steel walled tanks, originally built and installed in 1973 in Denver, hadn't spilled a drop since their installation. On the right side of the image below, you can see the circumferential welded seams are still shining. Trig Travis of Eaton Metal Products witnessed the excavation and declared the tanks were in "pristine" condition.

Plant Leadership Workshop Recap
STI/SPFA's inaugural Plant Leadership Workshop, September 17-18 in Houston, Texas, was a great success. Over 30 attendees included plant leaders from Boardman, Eaton Metals, Chicago Boiler, Brighton, Usemco, Uni-form Components, Watco Tank, Lannon Tank, J.L. Houston, Taylor Forge, Newberry Tank, Mid-South Steel Products, Ward Vessel & Exchanger, Hamilton Tank, and Kennedy Tank. The manufacturing leaders formed a networking group to share best practices and keep in contact for years to come. 

Quality presentations were given, helping drive an increase in attendees capabilities. Topics covered included:
  • Building a Safety Culture
  • Supervising Generational Differences
  • Steel Fab in Today's Digital World
  • The 5 Voices of Leadership
Attendees also had a productive round table discussion and ended the workshop with a tour of industry-leading Forged Components.

Lightning Strikes Deltona, Florida Gas Station, Creates Huge Crater
An underground fiberglass reinforced plastic gas tank ruptured after a lightning strike caused it to explode in late August. Fortunately, no one was injured around the 15-foot crater at the Shell station, just off Howland Boulevard in Deltona, Florida. You can read more at the following links...

STI/SPFA has been tracking FRP fiberglass tank explosions in the news due to lightning strikes. A story appeared in the December 2011 issue of Tank Talk about a tank in Nebraska. In the past 10 years, there have been more to report. Some in the industry attest this occurs more frequently than what is reported in the news, citing Faraday's cage as the scientific explanation of why certain tank materials react differently to electrical charges. More about Faraday's cage can be found here. Tank Talk readers, what are your experiences? Let us know!

2010 Kentucky
2011 Michigan
2014: Aboveground Crude FRP Saltwater (Brine) Tanks in North Dakota - Link to story 
2015 North Carolina - Link to story
2015 Ohio - Link to story

Nitrogen Enriched Air and Tank Over Pressurization
Tank monitoring is an important step in prevention and resolution of any tank issues that could lead to eventual problems with product integrity.  It is important to monitor and/or control corrosive low PH and moist atmospheres in tanks to protect fuel storage tank containment boundary integrity and quality of fuel or product being stored. Tank pressure should also be monitored for tightness, or porosity. This issue of Tank Talk includes two articles below, authored by Zane Miller and Greg Young, related to the topics of nitrogen enriched air and tank over pressurization. 

Lubricants Factbook
Additives are very common in the petroleum industry, often mixed to give the petroleum important characteristics and properties for specific end use. As fuels change, such as with the removal of sulfur from diesel to create ULSD, additives might be modified or enhanced to achieve desirable properties. The lubricant industry is no different.  The below charts are from the 2018-2019 Lubricants Industry Factbook. 


EPA Expanded Requirements of Compatibility with Equipment
STI/SPFA spends time compiling resources and information on various topics to serve as an informational resource. Discussion on compatibility in all states and the concerns with equipment that may not be compatible with today's biofuels has heightened. EPA expanded its regulatory requirements with compatibility by... One example of this is E15 soon being available year-round. As an example, the state of Illinois checklist for documenting UST compatibility can be found here

STI has engaged experts to test compatibility of biodiesel, ethanol and methanol. Links to this research, along with other materials can be found on the Steel and Alternative Fuels page and also on the Steel and Alternative Fuels tab on the Shop Fabricated Tank page on the STI/SPFA website. 

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Eaton Metal 45+ Year Old Tanks
Plant Leadership Workshop Recap
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Nitrogen Enriched Air and Tank Over Pressurization
Lubricants Factbook
EPA Expanded Requirements of Compatibility
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