5 pm - Parade Registration and Line Up (192nd Street)
Registration helps us plan on the number of parade entries and there is no fee unless you are running for an elected office.  If you are in an election for office, we ask that you provide a donation of $100 in support of the community organization.   Donate online or text STILWELL to 913.305.4344 to make a donation. Anyone can donate!

6 pm - Stilwell Community Parade

Parade Route in Stilwell (192nd Street; South on Metcalf; East on 199th ending at the railroad tracks (little different than last year as we will not navigate through Old Town Stilwell). Judges Stand will be across from near Stilwell Elementary School. At the end of the parade, participants will continue to travel south to 199th street and head east or turn left and head north (gravel road) and return to the beginning of the parade route.

Theme: America the Beautiful  
Two years following a sightseeing trip to Pike's Peak, Colorado, in 1893, Katharine Lee Bates remembered how awe-struck she was with that area of our country. She then wrote the poem America the Beautiful which has been embraced by the people of America. Her poem explores the lingering impact of the victories and joys experienced by all Americans. Stilwell is an area of our country embraced by our residents, loved for the importance in the quality of life, and surpasses expectations. Stilwell is worth the fight. Floats should highlight pride in the community and bring out the best in Stilwell.

Judging is based on four (4) categories. They include Grand Champion, First Place, Second, and Third Place. Stilwell also has a "BEST IN SHOW" for best kids-only entry. The kid's only entries are those evident to be done by "KIDS ONLY" with no adult help. Winners in the past have been decorated bikes, mini floats, and kids with the best imagination in demonstrating the theme!