Happy Easter!

Happy Resurrection Sunday From Your Pastor, Fr. Mike Ratajczak!
Let Us Enter into “The Great Fifty Days” with Trust in Our God; The One Who Is in Our Midst and Never Abandons Us!
On Easter Sunday, our Ratajczak Clan, whose members live locally, did the Zoom!
We took advantage of our free 40 Zoom minutes to “see” each other and to bless ourselves with a “Happy Resurrection Sunday” greeting.
After that I took some time in prayer to thank God for our St. Thomas More Faith Family of which I have had the privilege to serve as Pastor and Shepherd for the last, almost, 17 years.
STM is a very spiritual community, a bonded and connected community, an intentional community. Those who are here choose to be here and have made a personally “deep” commitment to this community.
The “fruit” of that intentionality is what I am witnessing in these days…a very resilient community facing these dark and difficult days with faith, trust, and hope.
My prayer of gratitude was very exuberant and I went from words, to song, and then to dance.
I was in the privacy of my home and I thought only my bulldog Izzy could see me…but much to my surprise, Izzy had planted a hidden camera in our home.
My dance of gratitude and thanksgiving is now visible for all to see!
Enjoy the silliness!
I hope this puts a smile on your face in these dark and difficult days:

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