Daily Reflection

Daily Reflection:
Wednesday, July 22

My friends, we often see our Muslim Sisters and Brothers fingering their beads.
What is it that they say at each bead they finger? They praise God with the 99 names of God.
What a beautiful prayer! I know that just as we may admire their prayer they admire our prayer with the Rosary.
They have a deep respect and love for Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Let us continue to learn more about each other and our different faith traditions and our forms of prayer.
-- Fr. Mike
The Muslim Divine Names and Attributes for Allah
  1. Allah, God
  2. The Benefactor, the Merciful One
  3. The Compassionate One
  4. The King
  5. The Saint, the Holy
  6. The Peace
  7. The Believer
  8. The Watchful one
  9. The Strong, the Precious One
  10. The Strongest One
  11. The Superb, the Supreme
  12. The Creator
  13. The Producer of things
  14. The Organizer, the Former
  15. The Indulgent One, the Forgiver par excellence
  16. The Ruler, the Irresistible One
  17. The Ever-giving Donor, the Generous Donor
  18. The Dispenser of material and spiritual goods
  19. The Victorious One, the Judge, the Revealer
  20. The Knower of everything which is knowable
  21. The One who has or holds the whole world in his hand
  22. The Expander of the lives and hearts of his servants
  23. The One who lowers and humbles
  24. The One who elevates in dignity, the Lofty One, the Sublime One
  25. The One who gives honor and strength
  26. The One who lowers and humiliates
  27. The Listener
  28. The One who sees all
  29. The Judge, the Arbiter
  30. The Just, the One who is supreme justice
  31. The Benevolent, the Gracious, the Subtle One
  32. The Wise One, the Well-Informed, the One who knows the secrets most intimate of His creature
  33. The Meek One, slow to punish
  34. The Inaccessible, the Grandiose, the Magnificent One
  35. The Very Indulgent One, the One who forgives a lot
  36. The Very Grateful, the Very Appreciative One
  37. The Very High One, the Excellent One
  38. The Great, the Most High, the Inaccessible One
  39. The Watchful Guardian, the Custodian
  40. The Nourisher, the Sentry
  41. The Accountant to whom one must give a rendering
  42. The Majestic, the One worthy of veneration
  43. The Generous One
  44. The Jealous Guardian, the One who observes and controls everybody and everything
  45. The One who receives prayers and grants them
  46. The Immense One, the One who embraces everything
  47. The Wise One, the Prudent One
  48. The Most Lovable One
  49. The Glorious One
  50. The Resurrector, the Reviver, the One who will bring back the Day of the Resurrection
  51. The Witness
  52. The Reality, the Supreme Truth
  53. The Manager, the Trustee
  54. The Strong One
  55. The Unshakeable One
  56. The Friend, the Protector, the Helper, the Defender, the Holder of Authority
  57. The One Worthy of Praise
  58. The One who understands everything, numbers them and has power over them
  59. The Innovator
  60. The One who causes creatures already destroyed to return to life
  61. The One who causes to live
  62. The One who causes to die
  63. The Living One
  64. The One who exists of himself
  65. The Opulent One, the Perfect One, the One who lacks nothing nor has any need
  66. The Noble One, the Lofty One to whom belongs sovereignty and power
  67. The Number One
  68. The Impenetrable One, the Unchangeable One, the Eternal One
  69. The Powerful One
  70. The Omnipotent
  71. The One who draws near to whoever desires
  72. The One who is distant from whoever so desires
  73. The First
  74. The Last
  75. The Manifest
  76. The Hidden, the Intimate, the Immanent
  77. The Ruler
  78. The Most High, the Exalted One in triumph, the Transcendent
  79. The Beneficent, the One who inspires piety in all hearts and is the source of all favors.
  80. The One who repents. The One who can go back on his judgment
  81. The One who is revenged
  82. The Pardoner, the One who condones
  83. The One who moves to pity, the Compassionate One
  84. The Ruler of the Kingdom of the world and of creatures
  85. The One who has majesty and generosity
  86. The Just One on the day of judgment, the Equitable
  87. The One who assembles all
  88. The Rich One, the One who is independent from everyone and everything
  89. The One who enriches creatures and beautifies them with every perfection
  90. The Defender by Title
  91. The One who can harm
  92. The One who can be useful
  93. The Light
  94. The One who guides on the straight path
  95. The Creator-Inventor
  96. The One who remains, the Eternal who endures without end
  97. The Heir to whom everything returns, that is, possesses all creatures
  98. The Guider, the One who guides us to the good, the One who leads with justice and guides on the road to goodness
  99. The Most Patient One

Brother Benno’s
Drive-By Collection
Saturday, July 25, 8:00-10:00am

During this pandemic, Brother Benno’s has been forced to stop its hot breakfast program and go to sack lunches for the needy. Of course this means a different source of food, and they have sent out a request for the following:

Small bags of chips, fruit cups, protein bars, crackers, small juices, Gatorade, and bottled water. They also need hangers, adult diapers, and baby wipes. Finally, they are seeking face masks for the homeless.

Deacon Tom will be in the STM parking lot with his truck, so drive by and drop off your donations. Thank you!

Attention STM Women!

Watch your mail for an invitation to join the STM Women's Guild for the 2020-2021 year or download the membership info HERE.

Click on the photo to peruse the types of activities and fundraisers we host, understanding that we will make adjustments as needed.

Questions? Email Trish Feeley.

Hello Faith Formation Families!

We would like to share some information about our Religious Education Program (REACH) for the Fall. Please click on the images above for more details and to request your enrollment packet. Thank you!

Many of us make our contributions when we attend Mass each week. Our Parish still needs our weekly contributions even though we cannot attend Mass, so that we can continue providing services and ministering to you. Please consider giving online, using text-to-give, or mailing in your contributions to STM at 1450 S. Melrose Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056. Thank you!

If you know Parishioners or have family/friends who do not have access to email, please share this information with them. Thank you!

If you or anyone you know needs anything, please contact the Parish Office. We are closed but checking voice mail regularly and will do our best to help. You may also call
2-1-1 for assistance with resources of various types.

The bulletin link is available in every email we send (see golden orange button below. People without email or internet access will be able call the Parish Office and leave a message requesting a bulletin via snail mail each week during this time. Thank you!

The Larger Church
Solutions for Change FarmBox

We hope you are doing well during this turbulent time. Many of us have been "thrown for a loop" the past couple of months from COVID-19, but the good news is, we are learning to find a way forward, and slowly but surely, able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We want you to know that we have a special place in our heart for your church and the people you serve, and we hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. 
As you may or may not know, our Solutions for Change has a farm! Solutions Farms provides work development training for the formerly homeless families in our program and funds the transformation of these families. 
Pre-Covid, we sold our lettuce to local restaurants. Unfortunately, with business shut downs, we lost these accounts, and a valuable source of funding for our program. We needed to get creative, so we quickly pivoted, partnering with local fruit and vegetable farmers to come out with our own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Box - Solutions FarmBox!
Solutions FarmBox delivers organic fruits and vegetables straight to your front door. The box includes our 100% organic spring mix with local farm fresh veggies and fruit such as avocados, apples, oranges, tomatoes, zucchinis, spinach, strawberries etc.
To continue to serve those in need, we offer this CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box for purchase on our website, and 100% of the proceeds go towards solving family homeless at Solutions for Change. 
If you would like to purchase a box click here .
If you do not want a box but would like to support Solutions for Change, click here .

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