Daily Reflection

Daily Reflection:
Thursday, July 9

Will You Join Me on a Five-Month Journey/Retreat?
I invite you to join me on a journey to greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of the issues of our day.
Will you commit yourself to a “Five-Month Retreat?”
Will you accept a challenge to read, reflect, and pray over a variety of issues that are affecting our lives and our society in these days?
Since the murder of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis several weeks ago, there has been a torrent of unresolved issues that have once again taken center stage and are demanding attention in our society.
Our news headlines are filled with so many inter-related topics, and we see and hear many “talking heads” arguing their points of view, not discussing, not trying to create a common understanding that will be helpful to a diverse society, but debating, in a fog of who is right and who is wrong, with the objective not being to create a common understanding, but simply trying to glory in who wins the argument.
These issues are inter-related, but it is, in my mind, very important to not “lump” them together. They must be understood separately but in the larger context of our society:
Systemic Racism…George Floyd and many others whose lives were taken/destroyed by police in a variety of cities across our Nation…Black Lives Matter…Police Brutality…the Confederate Flag…Removal of Statues of Confederate Generals, St. Junipero Serra, Christopher Columbus, George Washington…
Thomas Jefferson…Protestors…Looters…Land Rights of the Native Americans and Broken U.S.A. Treaties...Prison Reform…LGBTQ+ Communities… “History is written by the Winners, but what about those who were defeated and still live in our midst; is there not a Shared Historical Narrative… is our History a ‘White-European’ History only?...”
What frightens me at the present moment is that there is an assumption that if someone is on the side of one of the issues, they are the same side of all the issues.
If I am on the side of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, then I am also on the side of the looters who are destroying businesses or other properties… if I believe in a “Shared Historical Narrative,” then I am on the side of destroying all monuments and statues that do not reflect that narrative. And the list goes on…
This becomes all so easy: “It is us against them.” This is the easy way out!
I can so easily say: “I am not a racist.” And then I am absolving myself from any commitment to look deeper into the various issues that are now surfacing.
The really difficult path to choose is the willingness to look at all these issues individually and then to see their interconnectedness…
This is so much more challenging…but I submit, this is what Jesus would do, and as a Disciple of Jesus, this is what I must do, and I ask you to do the same!
So here is the challenge: Will you join me to be responsible for three “pieces” a month for the next five months, to view or to read, and then to reflect and pray upon over time? It may be a book, an article, or a video presentation…
Each month you will receive three “pieces” to pray and reflect upon.
There will be no immediate interaction among ourselves.
I would want you for the five months to quietly reflect upon the information that you will receive and then, over time, hopefully, see the connections between the issues. Read, reflect, pray over, and make your written notes and comments that will be shared after the five-month Journey/Retreat in a gathering that will take place in January 2021.
I ask for this because today we live in an instantaneous world in which one reads or views something and then one wants/needs/is expected to give an immediate response.
We have lost the “art” of taking time to reflect and pray over issues/situations before making a response.
We have lost the notion of meditation and prayer before responding.
So what I am asking from those who are committed to join me in this journey, is that, when you receive the information that I will be sending you, that you read, reflect, and “store” this information.
When we all have received, reflected upon, and prayed upon this information, we will gather in January to begin to have a discussion.
My main objective is for us is to allow this “information” to be received, and then allow it to sink into our thought processes, into our consciousness, and after it has been “stewing in the crock pot” for five months, we will be ready to have faith-filled discussions.
If you would like to join this journey, please email me ( michaelr@stmoside.org ) with your name and email address.
I will be collecting names until the end of July.
In August, I will begin sending out one piece at a time through the next five months. There will be a total of fifteen pieces.
My hope, also, is that we, who are joining in this effort, can be a witness to other Parishes in our Diocese.
I will share with the Diocese what we are doing to create a more perfect union, and a world/society that better reflects the “Reign of God.”
May this inspire other Parishes to do the same.
Please join me!
I need your support and your strength!
--Fr. Mike

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The Larger Church
Fr. Bejarano to Be Consecrated as
Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego

Father Ramón Bejarano arrives in the San Diego Diocese in July from the Central Valley, where he served as a priest of the Diocese of Stockton for 21 years.

He will be consecrated as auxiliary bishop of San Diego on Tuesday, July 14, in a ceremony that will be livestreamed starting at 2 p.m. through the diocesan website,  sdcatholic.org .

He sent the following message ahead of his arrival:
Dear faithful of the local Church of San Diego and the Imperial Valley:
Greetings from the northern Central Valley. I write this note as I prepare for my episcopal ordination.

I am very happy to be able to carry out the mission that our Lord has called me to do, even though I’m a little fearful. I have been asking the Holy Spirit to help me to be faithful and to be truly of service to the community of the Diocese of San Diego ...

His statement is continued here: https://tinyurl.com/bejarano-sd
(The Southern Cross, July 2, 2020)

Due to the cancellation of our comedy night and banquet, we are having a special day of giving on July 9th to raise money to help us continue our vital work: ultrasounds and life-saving services. Despite a 45% decrease in fundraising, our demand has significantly increased, so we will find a way forward... when life gives us lemons, we are making lemonade!
Solutions for Change FarmBox

We hope you are doing well during this turbulent time. Many of us have been "thrown for a loop" the past couple of months from COVID-19, but the good news is, we are learning to find a way forward, and slowly but surely, able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We want you to know that we have a special place in our heart for your church and the people you serve, and we hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. 
As you may or may not know, our Solutions for Change has a farm! Solutions Farms provides work development training for the formerly homeless families in our program and funds the transformation of these families. 
Pre-Covid, we sold our lettuce to local restaurants. Unfortunately, with business shut downs, we lost these accounts, and a valuable source of funding for our program. We needed to get creative, so we quickly pivoted, partnering with local fruit and vegetable farmers to come out with our own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Box - Solutions FarmBox!
Solutions FarmBox delivers organic fruits and vegetables straight to your front door. The box includes our 100% organic spring mix with local farm fresh veggies and fruit such as avocados, apples, oranges, tomatoes, zucchinis, spinach, strawberries etc.
To continue to serve those in need, we offer this CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box for purchase on our website, and 100% of the proceeds go towards solving family homeless at Solutions for Change. 
If you would like to purchase a box click here .
If you do not want a box but would like to support Solutions for Change, click here .

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