Online Mass

Click on the link above to watch a video of Mass with Fr. Mike presiding. It will be available all day today and going forward so that you can watch at your convenience.

Once you click on the link, the video screen will appear with an invitation to
"Join St. Thomas More's email list." You may either click on "No thank you" or complete the form and click on "Submit."

Then the actual video will appear, with the usual Play button at lower left (right-pointing white triangle) and a full screen button at lower right (four small white arrows).

Some people have been reporting freezing during the video. Unfortunately, many areas across the country (including San Diego County) are seeing reductions in internet speeds because of the increased usage by telecommuters, online school, etc.

One thing you might try is pressing the Pause button (two vertical white bars) and letting it sit for several minutes to see if the download can catch up, which may resolve the buffering (freezing).
Another thing might be to make sure only one device/computer in your home is using the internet during the time you are watching the video.

If you wish to access the video from your computer or mobile device when you do not have this email open, do the following:

On your computer, go to our website (, and scroll to the video image.

On your mobile device, go to our website (, and click on the Mass Times button, then click on the purple "STM Online Mass March 22" button and scroll to the video image.

Feel free to contact Lorraine Doering, Office Technician, at , if you have any questions or issues.

If you know Parishioners who do not have access to email, please share this information with them in case they do have access to internet. Thank you!

If you or anyone you know needs anything, please contact the Parish Office. We are checking messages and will do our best to help.

We did send a snail mail update to all Parishioners recently. A link to the current bulletin is included in every email we send and is always available on our website. People without email will be able to request a bulletin via snail mail each week during this time. Thank you!
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