Daily Reflection: Monday, March 23

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As for all of us, these are very different days. As my day begins, I no longer feel rushed…
In normal times, the morning is filled with me saying out loud, and to Izzy, my furry companion: “I have got to hurry…I need to be there in 20 minutes…I need to rush…I have to get this done within the hour, etc. etc.”

Now it is a slow cup of coffee…gazing out the window and carefully looking at the world around me.

The Parish rectory is on a two-acre plot that is part of the 14 acre package owned by the San Diego Catholic Cemetery Organization. In the near future, the 14 acres will become Resurrection Catholic Cemetery which will be located side by side to our Parish.

As I look out my window or sit on the patio, I have the privilege to look over 14 acres of open space with all the flora and fauna of which it consists, and I have the great satisfaction of a beautiful view of the St. Thomas More Church, our Parish home.

I can tell you that it does not get much better than that!

This morning I took time not just to glance but to look at and to really see the hummingbird looking for nectar, the two hawks that flew over my home, the many rabbits and squirrels all around the property, the many different kinds of birds flying in so many different directions, and three coyotes.

Where do the coyotes stay? How do they keep warm and dry in the cold and rain? Where are they finding their food? They are always in a pack…they must take care of each other… I had time this morning to ponder those questions.

And I heard the neighing of the horses on the property next door…they never sounded so beautiful and eloquent as they did this morning! Interesting…never thought about it before…horses “neigh” and they are my “neighbors.” What are the origins of these similar words? I have time today to seek answers…

Another day begins…another day of challenge…once again let’s surrender to our reality… we trust in God and we turn crisis into new opportunities to deepen our faith and grow stronger in our spirituality…to see the world with a fresh set of eyes!

Today is the Feast Day of St. Turibius of Mogrovejo…who was he…what did he do? Where is or where was Mogrovejo? We have the time now to learn more about our faith and our world! Let’s take advantage of this new reality…

St. Turibius, pray for us!

--Fr. Mike

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