Daily Reflection:
Friday, May 1, 2020
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Although it seems that our world has come to a standstill, life around us does continue and we all move forward as the future unfolds.

This is true in Parish Life as well…

Our Fiscal Year, and, in a sense, our Parish Year, comes to an end on June 30, 2020, and a new Fiscal Year, Parish Year, begins on July 1, 2020.

It is at this time that the changes in Staff most often happen.

I have some sad news, but I will end with good news!
Sr. Maureen Brown, CSJ, our Pastoral Associate, who oversees the Parish Bereavement Ministry and the Social Justice activities of the Parish, is retiring as of June 30.

Sr. Maureen has faithfully, generously, and lovingly overseen these ministries since July of 2004.

Due to her efforts, we have a most compassionate Bereavement Team reaching out to families during their time of need and grief, helping family members prepare the Funeral Mass for their loved one, and to continue walking with them through the Mass, the Parish Reception after, and then beyond.

She and her Team have helped hundreds of families over the years find a place in which their grief can be embraced and healed.
Henny Jocelyn, our Parish Secretary , who has been “womaning” the Front Desk in the Parish Office, is also retiring.

Henny has been present at the Front Desk in the Parish Office since June of 2007.

In a very real sense, Henny has been the “face” of St. Thomas More. For so many people, she is the “frontline,” be it a phone call, an email, a text message, or an office visit.

Her warmth, her commitment to hospitality, her willingness to be of assistance, has helped greatly to make our Parish the vibrant Parish that it is.

Her date of retirement is also June 30.

I said there was good news!

Sr. Maureen will continue to be a member of the STM family, and she will continue to oversee the Bereavement Ministry as a Parishioner/Volunteer! And she will also continue to support our Social Justice activities.

Henny and her husband, Mike, will also continue to make STM their Faith Family, and knowing their energy for and commitment to STM, we will continue to see them in a variety of Parish Activities.

In the future, as we return to “normal,” a Parish Celebration will take place to recognize and honor these two very faith-filled women!

Sr. Maureen, Henny…Thank You!
–Fr. Mike Ratajczak, Pastor

Many of us make our contributions when we attend Mass each week. Our Parish still needs our weekly contributions even though we cannot attend Mass, so that we can continue providing services and ministering to you. Please consider giving online, using text-to-give, or mailing in your contributions to STM at 1450 S. Melrose Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056. Thank you!

If you know Parishioners or have family/friends who do not have access to email, please share this information with them. Thank you!

If you or anyone you know needs anything, please contact the Parish Office. We are closed but checking voice mail regularly and will do our best to help. You may also call
2-1-1 for assistance with resources of various types.

The bulletin link is available in every email we send (see golden orange button below. People without email or internet access will be able call the Parish Office and leave a message requesting a bulletin via snail mail each week during this time. Thank you!
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