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Monday, May 18, 2020
Towers of Faith—
Be a Part of the Legacy!

You Are Invited to Become a
Tower of Faith!

The “Towers of Faith ” is a grass-roots movement that has arisen due to the generosity of a number of Parishioners who wanted to ensure that the treasure they would leave behind upon their death would be a sign of life for future generations and a legacy that would continue to support the ministries of St. Thomas More Parish.

The “Towers of Faith” partnership began in 2006 and is now 14 years old and has been a very important financial “piece” that has made possible the construction of our Church and helped to support the many ministerial activities of our Parish.

Since the inception of the “Towers of Faith,” nearly $3 million has been raised: $424,000 directed to our Operations Budget and $2,571,000 for the construction of our Church.

“Towers of Faith” are people who share a common bond of overt generosity and visionary leadership which nourishes the ongoing success of our Parish.

The “Towers of Faith” have included St. Thomas More in their estate planning—through Designated Beneficiary Accounts, Life Insurance, Wills, Living Trusts, Stocks, and Gifts of Property. In some fashion, St. Thomas More is remembered, just as they remember family members and friends!

“Towers of Faith” is an important part of our future support. It helps to ensure that we can confidently move into the future and meet “head-on” the challenges that await us, especially in these days of the pandemic.

It is my hope that you would consider remembering St. Thomas More in your estate planning and become a “Tower of Faith.”

All you need do is include St. Thomas More in your estate planning. There is no minimum amount required. No documents need be reviewed. You simply need to inform us that St. Thomas More is being remembered in your estate planning.

If you would like more information and would like to accept this invitation to be a “Tower of Faith,” please contact me or Ron Briseno, our Business Manager/Director of Development.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Become a “Tower of Faith” —be a part of the legacy!

Many of us make our contributions when we attend Mass each week. Our Parish still needs our weekly contributions even though we cannot attend Mass, so that we can continue providing services and ministering to you. Please consider giving online, using text-to-give, or mailing in your contributions to STM at 1450 S. Melrose Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056. Thank you!

If you know Parishioners or have family/friends who do not have access to email, please share this information with them. Thank you!

If you or anyone you know needs anything, please contact the Parish Office. We are closed but checking voice mail regularly and will do our best to help. You may also call
2-1-1 for assistance with resources of various types.

The bulletin link is available in every email we send (see golden orange button below. People without email or internet access will be able call the Parish Office and leave a message requesting a bulletin via snail mail each week during this time. Thank you!
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