December 2020 - Energy Benchmarking
 Getting Ahead Of The Curve
Do you understand your letter grade? Did you know there are various things you can do now to get ahead of LL84 due May 1, 2021? Engage STRATCO for best practices related to your energy benchmarking. Take this as an opportunity to decrease your energy consumption. STRATCO will do your benchmarking for FREE with a 1 year energy monitoring service (certain restrictions apply)
What is building energy and water benchmarking?
Building benchmarking is a term applied to efforts to track and compare the energy and water use intensity of similar buildings over a given period.

Why did NYC make this mandatory for buildings above 25,000 sq. ft.?
NYC wants to improve the carbon emissions of its building stock and is using this as one tool to encourage energy efficiency measures.

How you benefit from energy benchmarking
  • Gain a baseline understanding of your current and historical energy performance
  • Establish a formal process for tracking and monitoring energy use
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy use and operational costs
  • Make data-driven decisions to encourage continuous energy performance improvement

How to comply with NYC’s LL84
If your building is above 25,000 sq. ft. covered on the 'LL84 Covered Building List', you should:
  1. Start Early: gather all information at the beginning of the year to save yourself a headache and avoid unnecessary stress, don’t wait until the last minute. Start early and stay organized.
  2. Engage STRATCO to leverage and connect your utility company to automatically extract, synch, and parse utility consumption data and file LL84 on your behalf.
  3. Submit your benchmarking filing before May 1st each year. Building owners are subject to a penalty if usage data is not submitted by May 1. Failure to comply will result in the building receiving an “F” letter grade regardless of how energy efficient it is. If possible, submit your benchmarking reports to the city at least two weeks ahead of the deadline to allow time for updates and corrections. 
  4. Obtain & post your building energy efficiency rating (BEER) label at the building entrance before October 31st each year.
  5. What if you are not satisfied with your score and letter grade? STRATCO will assist you to comply with LL84/LL133 and avoid the next upcoming fines, understanding how your score was calculated, how to improve your score, how to decrease your potential fines, how to fund the cost of the study, and the work with government incentives, how to obtain 100% financing to fund the balance of the costs, how to make your building a best-in-class energy user.

STRATCO's data aggregation and monitoring with utility analytics software
Engage STRATCO to aggregate utility account information into their data aggregation/monitoring software. STRATCO will survey your staff with interview questions related to findings related to complaints, maintenance requests, capital improvement, and repair history. We will clean your energy information with any missing bills or discrepancies and have the data in a ready format for utility analysis, energy audits, and benchmarking purposes.

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