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STREAMLINES for Volunteers

The season of gratitude is upon us, and with that, we'd like to thank you for all that you do to make U.S. Masters Swimming the powerhouse that it is. We are grateful for your service. 

Swimming for Life,
Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming
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Major Rules Changes for 2016
A summary of major changes from Convention
Swimwear: At swim meets governed by Part 1, swimwear includes no more than two caps. (Article 102.12.1B)
Backstroke Ledge: Backstroke ledges may be used for backstroke starts in pools with water depth 4 feet or more at the starting end. The toes of both feet must be in contact with the end wall or face of the touchpad. (Articles 107.2.3A and 101.1.2B)
Video Confirmation of Disqualifications: Only video from cameras approved in writing prior to the competition by the chair of the USMS Officials Committee (and the USMS Championship Committee chair for national championship meets) may be used by officials to confirm or overturn a call made on the deck.(Article 102.13.15)
Freestyle in the IM and Medley Relay: A swimmer is not permitted to swim backstroke, butterfly, or breaststroke at any point after the feet leave the wall in the freestyle portion of the individual medley or the medley relay. A backstroke start is not permitted as an in-the-water start for the freestyle portion of the medley relay. (Article 101.5.2 interpretation to conform to FINA)

Pool One-Event Registration: One-event registration forms for pool events must include the statement "Times swum under one-event registration are not eligible for USMS Top 10 or records consideration." (Article 201.1.3B)
Sanction/Recognition Fees: Beginning with competition in 2016, national sanctioning and recognition fees will be charged for both pool and open water/long distance events. LMSCs may continue to assess a local sanctioning/recognition fee. (Articles 202.1.1A(4), 202.2.1A, 203.3.2J)
Sanction Numbers: Sanction numbers are no longer required on paper entry forms; they may be included at an LMSC's discretion. Entry forms may not be distributed and entries may not be accepted before an event has been sanctioned. (Articles 202.1.1A(2), 202.1.1B, 203.3.3B, 203.3.3D)
Transfer of Sanctioning Administration: If a club wishes to hold a pool meet outside the boundaries of the LMSC in which it is registered, the sanctioning LMSC (the LMSC within whose boundaries the meet will occur) may transfer its sanctioning administration to the hosting LMSC, provided both LMSCs agree to the transfer in writing. All fees and sanction obligations will be transferred to the hosting LMSC. (Article 202.1.1H)
Grievance Procedures: Denying a member the opportunity to host an event is now specified as grounds for a grievance. In addition, if an LMSC's bylaws, rules, policies, or procedures preclude a USMS member from filing a grievance, the grievance may be filed directly with the National Board of Review. (Articles 401.2, 403.4.1D)
State of Incorporation: The state of incorporation for U.S. Masters Swimming has been changed from Ohio to Florida. (Articles 504.3.1, 506.4.2, 510.1)
Odd/Even Year Amendment Procedure: Amendments to all parts of the rule book may now be proposed every year and will be considered by the Rules, Legislation, Long Distance, or LMSC Development Committee, depending on jurisdiction. Previously, amendments to Parts 1 and 3 were considered only in even-numbered years and amendments to Parts 2, 4, 5, and 6, and Appendix D were considered only in odd-numbered years. (Article 601.4)

Convention Wrap-Up
Meeting minutes have been posted
Thank you all for a wonderful and productive 2015 Annual Meeting! House of Delegate minutes  have been finalized and approved, including all the committee meeting minutes.  Now that the 2015 Convention is in the rearview, be sure to mark your calendars for the 2016 Convention  scheduled for Sept. 21 through 25 in Atlanta. More information will be posted to the Convention information page as it becomes available. We look forward to seeing you there!
LMSC Officer Changes?
Let the National Office know!
Has your LMSC elected new officers or appointed people to new positions? Make sure the National Office has these changes. Check your LMSC's officer listings by selecting your LMSC from the list. If this listing is not correct, report any updates to  Anna Lea Matysek  in the National Office.
Calendar of Events
Make sure members can find your events!
silver-keyboard.jpg, typing
Want to boost participation numbers in the events you work hard to organize? Then make sure your events are listed in the Calendar of Events for 2016 Our goal is to make it easy for all of our members to find USMS events, wherever they may be taking place, while making it easy for LMSCs to access all the events in their areas. Check it out and add your events!
Upcoming P2P Teleconferences
Don't miss these great events!
Need to Know
All-hands LMSC Peer-to-Peer Teleconference
Topic: LMSC Board Vibrancy
Date: Monday, December 14
Time: 5:30pm Pacific | 8:30pm Eastern
Invitations will be sent via email to as many LMSC volunteers as possible with dial-in information. 

LMSC Treasurers Peer-to-Peer Teleconference
Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Time: 5:00pm Pacific | 8:00pm Eastern
Email invites will be sent to all LMSC treasurers in December.

Or contact  the LMSC Development Committee  for teleconference information. 

USMS CEO Position Now Open
Want to lead USMS into its next chapter?
USMS logo
USMS has retained Turnkey Search to lead the hiring process for our open Chief Executive Officer position. Turnkey will be responsible for all recruiting, application reviews, and interviews for this position. If you're interested in becoming the next chief executive officer of USMS, please apply on their site for the position.

Committee Chairs Announced
Congratulations to our volunteer leaders
Breadbasket Marcia Anziano Colonies Natalie Taylor
Dixie Matt Hooper Great Lakes CJ Rushman
Northwest Sally Dillon Oceana Michael Moore
South Central Bruce Rollins Southwest Mary Hull

Championship Jeff Roddin Kim Crouch
Coaches Bob Jennings Kenny Brisbin
Fitness Education Mary Jurey Brian Cummings 
History & Archives Barbara Dunbar Meegan Wilson
Legislation Meg Smath Richard Garza
LMSC Development Paige Buehler Michael Moore
Long Distance Donn Livoni Ali Hall
Officials Brian Albright Ed Saltzman
Open Water Doug Sayles Bob Bruce
Recog. & Awards Ray Novitske Sally Dillon
Records & Tabulation Jeanne Seidler MJ Caswell
Registration Leo Letendre George Simon
Rules Charles Cockrell Kathrine Casey
Sports Med & Science Meg Carlson Sally Berry

Audit Elyce Dilworth Teddy Decker
Comp & Benefits Ed Coates Sarah Welch
Finance Jeanne Ensign Harry Greenfield
Governance Leianne Crittenden Jim Wheeler
Investment Phil Dodson Stan Benson
SSLF Brandon Franklin Debbie Malafsky

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