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STREAMLINES for Volunteers

The season of gratitude is upon us, and we thank you for all that you do to make U.S. Masters Swimming the amazing organization that it is. We're grateful for your service!

Swimming for Life,
Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming
Early Registration Discounts
Renew before year's end for discounts from our partners
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Leadership Assignments Announced
Congratulations to these zone and committee leaders and special appointments
Breadbasket Marcia Anziano Colonies Mollie Grover
Dixie Ed Saltzman Great Lakes CJ Rushman
Northwest Sally Dillon Oceana Sally Guthrie
South Central Bruce Rollins Southwest Mary Hull

Championship Jeff Roddin Jim Clemmons
Coaches Bob Jennings Kenny Brisbin
Elections  Cheryl Gettelfinger Erin Sullivan
Fitness Education Mary Jurey Brian Cummings 
History & Archives Barbara Dunbar Meegan Wilson
Legislation Richard Garza Meg Smath
LMSC Development Michael Moore Tim Lecrone
Long Distance Ali Hall Phyllis Quinn
Officials Teri White Herb Schwab
Open Water Bob Bruce James Kennedy
Recog. & Awards Ray Novitske Megan Lassen
Records & Tabulation Jeanne Seidler MJ Caswell
Registration Susan Ehringer Marcia Anziano
Rules Charles Cockrell Mollie Grover & Claire Letendre
Sports Med & Science Megan Carlson Clare Rudd- Kubiak

Audit Elyce Dilworth Teddy Decker
Comp & Benefits Ed Coates Sarah Welch
Finance Jeanne Ensign Laura Winslow
Governance Leianne Crittenden Jim Miller
Investment Stan Benson Guy Davis
SSLF Jay Definis Brandon Franklin

Volunteer Swag
Thank your volunteers for their hard work
Want to show your appreciation for the hard-working volunteers who make your LMSC or club run? We have just the ticket in our  online swag shop. There, you can order all kinds of gifts and tokens that are perfect for end-of-year gifts and anytime to express your thanks for all their hard work. 
Upcoming Peer-to-Peer Calls
Log on to teleconferences for best practices
Mark your calendars for the next peer-to-peer teleconference call for the following: 

Fitness: Dec. 5, 8:30 p.m. EST/5:30 p.m. PST

Officials: Jan. 9, 8:30 p.m. EST/5:30 p.m. PST

Chairs and Vice Chairs: Feb. 13, 8:30 p.m. EST/5:30 p.m. PST

Treasurers: March 13, 8:30 p.m. EDT/5:30 p.m. PDT

These calls provide an opportunity for you to pose questions, get answers, discuss challenges, and share successes as you fulfill your role. In turn, we can use the information shared to help build a repository of best practices for each of our volunteer positions. 
Prior to the call, we encourage you to log on to the  LMSC Administration Forum to post questions or topics of interest that you would like covered. Email notifications are sent two to three weeks prior to the respective volunteer and to the LMSC chair. 

Notes from peer-to-peer calls are now more easily accessible in the  Meeting Minutes section of usms.org. Look under the For Volunteers tab and select the Meeting Minutes page. Then, select Peer-to-Peer Teleconference Notes from the By Committee or Group drop-down menu. Happy reading!
LMSC Officer Changes?
Let the National Office know
Has your LMSC elected new officers or appointed people to new positions? Make sure the National Office has these changes. Check your LMSC's officer listings by selecting your LMSC from the list.  If this listing is not correct, report any updates to 
Major Rules Changes for 2018
A summary of major changes from Convention
World Records and USMS Records: Applications for world records and USMS records will no longer be accepted when timed with manual watches or with a semiautomatic timing system (automatic start with a button finish) as the primary timing system. World and USMS records must be timed with automatic timing (automatic start and touchpad finish) or, in the event of an individual lane malfunction, with a semiautomatic backup system consisting of three, two, or one button(s). An overhead video system may also be used as a backup system in the event of a touchpad failure. Manual watches and semiautomatic buttons will continue to be accepted for USMS Top 10 recognition.
Notification of Timing System in the Meet Announcement: If it is not possible to satisfy the timing system requirements for world records, USMS records, or USMS Top 10, the meet announcement must include a statement notifying swimmers of this situation. If a change in primary timing is necessary prior to a meet or during a meet that affects the ability to earn records or Top 10 recognition, meet directors must ensure that swimmers are notified of the change.
Starting Grips: Handgrips on the starting platforms are distinguished between grips for backstroke starts and grips for forward starts. During backstroke events, swimmers may not use handgrips installed on the top of the starting platform intended for use during forward starts. During backstroke starts, swimmers must place both hands on the gutter or on the backstroke starting grips.
Freestyle During Individual Medley and Medley Relay Events: Swimmers must be at or past the vertical towards the breast during the freestyle leg of an individual medley or medley relay event, except that during a turn (freestyle turn or breast-to-free transition), swimmers may leave the wall in a position at or past the vertical towards the back. Swimmers must return to a position at or past the vertical towards the breast before any stroke or kick.
Relay Starts with Adjustable Back Plates on the Starting Platform: The second, third, and fourth swimmers on a relay team must have at least part of one foot in front of the adjustable-setting back plate during a relay takeoff.
Modification of Age Groups: Organizations outside of USMS requesting a USMS sanction to conduct a meet may modify the age groups to correspond to different minimum and maximum ages if their organization's age policies differ from USMS.
Meet Announcement: The order of events must be published in the meet announcement at least one week prior to the entry deadline.
Dual Sanctioned Meets: When a USMS meet is held in conjunction with a USA Swimming-sanctioned meet (swimmers from both organizations swimming together in one or more sessions), swimmers must select only one organization with which to compete for the entire meet.
Warm-Down: A swimmer who completes a race may warm down in their assigned lane while the rest of the swimmers finish the heat and shall not be disqualified if that swimmer does not delay the start of the next heat.
Automatic Splits at National Championships: Recording of intermediate splits is a mandatory requirement for hosts of national championship meets.
Calendar of Events
Make sure members can find your events
silver-keyboard.jpg, typing
Want to boost participation numbers in the events you work hard to organize? Then make sure your events are listed in the Calendar of Events for 2018 Our goal is to make it easy for all of our members to find USMS events, wherever they may be taking place, while making it easy for LMSCs to access all the events in their areas. Check it out and add your events!
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