Dear STREB Community,

This week, we thought we'd take you for a quick tour inside all the Action@Home of STREB Remote:

We continued to peel back the curtain into Elizabeth Streb’s work and process through new interviews, filmed by award-winning journalist Laura Flanders, and footage from our archives. This week, we shared Part Two of a look inside AIRLINES Did you know that AIRLINES was the first STREB piece to use mats?
We also peeked inside one of Daniel’s Personal Best PopAction classes where our intrepid students continue to build strength and tackle the challenges of the technique.

And, the creative process continues - Elizabeth is creating another new piece for Zoom with our Action Heroes, which we can’t wait to premiere at:


Meanwhile, in other Action Hero Behind-the-Scenes News...
Justin, Matt and Daniel shared some of their experiences (and challenges) rehearsing via Zoom. Our Action Heroes also showed us their at-home DIY projects from gardening and crafts to re-working electronics and home improvement painting; they were spotted "in the wild" as they went about their lives and tackled "other" challenges.

And, for the long watch this week, because our hearts all go out to Minneapolis right now, we'd like to share, from our friends at the Walker Arts Center this 1997 interview between Elizabeth Streb and curator Philip Bither .

Have an active, curious and empathetic week!

Personal Best PopAction 
Mon/Wed, 6 - 7 pm with Cassy -  REGISTER
Tue/Thu, 11 am - 11:45 am with Daniel -  REGISTER
Learn the technique developed by Elizabeth Streb that is the foundation of the STREB Extreme Action company - modified for small living spaces. Join Monday's class to get acquainted with the basics of PopAction. Join Tue/Thu to take class with all our Action Heroes.

España-Streb Trapeze Academy Workshops
Mon/Wed, 7:30 - 8:30 pm with Ayal -  REGISTER
Stretching & conditioning with an added discussion of flying trapeze theory, and technique & trick viewing. 

España-Streb Trapeze Academy Friday Fitness Challenge
Fri, 12:30 - 12:45 pm with Ayal -  REGISTER
A mid-day short but intense workout designed to make sure you are ready to return to the air stronger than ever.
España-Streb Trapeze Academy Stretch and Meditation
Mon, 11 am-11:45 am with Bobby -  REGISTER
Stretch 'n roll - Wed, 3-3:30 pm with Bobby - REGISTER
Stretch and Unwind - Fri, 5:30-6:00 pm with Bobby -  REGISTER
Start the week with an energizing meditation; end the week with a moment of calm relaxing inward focus and get through the middle with a stretch with the aid of a foam roller. 

KidAction and KidFly   students enrolled in our spring semester will continue to receive their weekly class materials directly.

Spruce up your work/workout-from-home attire! Statement pieces from our  classic collection  as well as our  GROOVY special new limited edition STREB/Voodo Fé   collection.

Special thanks to our Emcee/DJ/Tech Director Zaire Baptiste and Nyree Haynes for facilitating this exciting collaboration!
Justin Ross models the leggings from the new collection of apparel by Voodo Fé.
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