The Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development & Education Center (STRIDE) is the
2016 Region 4 (Southeast) U.S. Department of Transportation University Transportation Center headquartered at the University of Florida Transportation Institute.
STRIDE Year 3 Projects Selected!
Our Year 3 projects have been selected and posted on the Active Research Projects page on the STRIDE website. To view these and our complete list of ongoing projects, click here.
Featured Research:
New Performance Measurement Alternatives from Emerging AV/CV Technologies
A multi-university team led by Dr. Mohammed Hadi of Florida International University is working on a STRIDE funded project to produce new performance measures derived from emerging technologies such as autonomous and connected vehicles (AV/CV). 

Featured Research:
Developing Guidelines for the Movement of Goods in Urban Areas
More and more goods are being moved through urban areas, and while this travel is beneficial to the United States’ economic health, concerns are raised pertaining to safety, congestion and the local environment. This study, a collaboration between Dr. Noreen McDonald of UNC Chapel Hill and Dr. Ruth Steiner of UF, seeks to document best practices around city logistics, particularly in the areas of land use and transportation planning efforts at local, regional and state levels. 

Above: A drone used in the study records traffic of a 2000 ft segment.
Featured Research:The Revised Highway Capacity Manual's Freeway Weave Segments Analysis
Dr. Behzad Aghdashi of North Carolina State University is the lead researcher in a STRIDE funded project that is looking at deficiencies in the Highway Capacity Manual’s (HCM) weave segment analysis. As weave segments are one of the most complex segment types in a freeway system, he and co-principal investigators Dr. Nagui Rouphail of NCSU and Dr. Lily Elefteriadou, professor and director of the University of Florida Transportation Institute/STRIDE Center, set out to create a better methodology. 

STRIDE Research Products
Get to Know Our Researchers
Dr. Eleni Bardaka
Assistant Professor, NCSU
Dr. Bardaka specializes in transportation planning and economics as it relates to the social and economic impacts of transportation investments, policies, public transportation and access. She is currently working as part of a team on a STRIDE Project A2 "Changing Access to Public Transportation and the Potential for Increased Travel".

Dr. Allie Thomas
Assistant Professor, UNC
Dr. Thomas' research focuses on how cities adapt best practices to transportation systems and how they address transportation equity. She is currently the co-PI on STRIDE Project E2 "Establishing a Dual Generational Modality Dataset: Comparing the Ride-Sharing Adoption Trends and Perspectives of Consumers from Two Generational Cohorts, Millennials and Gen X'ers".

Student Spotlights
Mary Wolfe, Ph.D. Student, UNC
Mary Wolfe is interested in how people interact with their living environment. Her research focuses on how those interactions are reflected in the health outcomes of a community—particularly when transportation barriers to health care exist. 

James Wersal, Ph.D. Student, UF
Upon graduating high school, two years after 9/11, James Wersal joined the US Army. He spent two rigorous years at Wentworth Military Academy and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant at 20 years of age due to an early commissioning program. Military service and the duties that come along with being responsible for the safety and well-being of troops, civilians and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, have developed his leadership skills resulting in a promotion to Captain. Find out more about his career path to occupational therapy and transportation.

Dezhong (Tony) Hu, Master's Student, NCSU
Dezhong (Tony) Xu is a graduate student at NCSU. He played an important role in a comprehensive study related to STRIDE Project K2 titled “Assessing and Addressing the Deficiencies of HCM Wave Analysis," led by Dr. Aghdashi with collaboration from Dr. Nagui Rouphail of NCSU and Dr. Lily Elefteriadou, professor and director of the University of Florida Transportation Institute/STRIDE Center.

Technology Transfer
Upcoming STRIDE Webinars
The STRIDE Center hosted six seminars from May to November of this year related to ongoing and completed projects, and we've scheduled seven more for next year.

To see our Spring 2020 line up, visit the STRIDE website or click here
STRIDE Project on Access to Public Transportation Featured in ENO Webinar
The results from STRIDE Project A2 "Changing Access to Public Transportation" led by Dr. Kari Watkins of GaTech were included in a webinar hosted by the Eno Center for Transportation. Dr. Simon Berrebi, who was part of the research team, spoke about frequency and ridership. Dr. Berrebi also provided recommendations for transit agencies related to policy, service and infrastructure.The report will be posted soon and will be available on the Final Reports page.

UNC Chapel Hill Hosts Webinar Related to STRIDE Project Focusing on Shifting Travel Behaviors
UNC Chapel Hill hosted a webinar related to STRIDE Project E "Predicting Congestion:
The Challenge of Shifting Travel Behavior on Estimating Trip Generation, Traffic and other System Impacts." The webinar focused on "rethinking the evaluation and management of on-site parking demand" and was sponsored by the TRB committee on Travel and Land Development (ADD30). Dr. Ruth Steiner of UF is the PI of the project and Dr. Noreen McDonald of UNC Chapel Hill is co-PI.

STRIDE at the Autonomous Vehicles Symposium, Orlando, Fla.
Graduate Student Research Posters at the 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Symposium

Research posters showcasing STRIDE-funded and cost-share projects were displayed at the 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Symposium in Orlando, Fla., on July 16. A total of 23 posters were displayed during the summit focusing on AV, CV and other advanced technologies in transportation. 

Auburn High School Students Showcase Work at STRIDE Poster Session

A group of high school friends led by Michael Zhou, a senior at Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama, got together to develop a concept design with safety implications that would alert drivers when students were crossing a road or using crosswalks. 

Photo credit: Alison Tanaka
STRIDE Project Selected as Finalist for TRB Signal Systems Committee Big Data Challenge
Results from STRIDE Project N2 titled "Data Fusion for Signalized Arterial Performance Measurement," led by Thomas Chase of NCSU, were entered into TRB's Traffic Signal Systems Committee Challenge. The NCSU team created an Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measure (ATSPM) and developed two algorithms that could provide better estimates of the measure. The team led by Shoaib Samandar, a graduate student at NCSU, was selected among the final three teams invited to present at the traffic signal mid-year meeting in Falmouth, Mass.

K-12 Activities
Other News
The 8th Annual UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region will be hosted by Florida Atlantic University, March 26-27, 2020.

For more information and to register, click here

There will be a STRIDE Student Poster Showcase/Competition at the UFTI Reception at the Annual TRB meeting, Monday, January 13, 2020 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Baby Wale restaurant in Washington, D.C.
Congratulations to the UAB Traffic Bowl Team for winning the State Traffic Bowl Competition! The event took place at the Alabama Department of Transportation in Montgomery and was organized by the Alabama Institute of Transportation Engineers (ALSITE). The UAB team had an
outstanding performance and will represent the state of Alabama at the SDITE District competition in Atlanta, Ga., on March 1, 2020. Pictured in the image
above from left: Tausif Chy, Amy Zari, Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku, and Forrest Johnson.

Rajib Saha, a Ph.D. candidate in Transportation Engineering at Florida International University, won the Henry P. Boggs Student Paper Award at the 2019 Florida and Puerto Rico Section of ITE. The paper was titled "Predicting the Impacts of Freeway Incidents on Arterial Travel Times due to Diversion using Machine Learning." It was funded by an FDOT project that was used as cost share for the STRIDE Center. Rajib is pictured here with Thuha Nguyen, current president of the Florida/Puerto Rico ITE section.

Mahmoud Arafat, a Ph.D. candidate in Transportation Engineering at Florida International University, won the best student poster competition of the Florida Automated Vehicle (FAV) symposium held in Miami, Fla., in November 2019. The poster, which was one of 26 posters submitted, was based on a cost share project for the STRIDE Center and titled “Benefits of Connected Vehicles using Signalized Left Turn Assistant Application: Simulation-Based Study."

Leila Azizi, a Ph.D. candidate at Florida International University, successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation titled "Freeway Performance Measurement in a Connected Vehicle Environment utilizing Traffic Disturbance Metrics." Her research was funded by STRIDE.

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