Straight to the Point
June 16, 2020
Prayers for Our Heroes

Grounded in the reconciling love of Jesus Christ, Washington National Cathedral is a house of prayer for all people, conceived by our founders to serve as a great church for national purposes.

The cathedral team makes this invitation to all of us:

It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the bravery of America’s heroes
in the midst of this pandemic. They’re all around us,
but what can we do while we’re stuck at home?

Perhaps you have a child, family member or friend
serving on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus.
We want to honor their service, and help you find ways to pray for them.

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll craft a prayer
that will help express your gratitude and thanksgiving
for the people in your life who are America’s everyday heroes.

Go to: 

Prayer for Our Way Forward

Our Church Council members have been in prayer for our church from April to June. Everyone can join the Council in prayer – here’s how:

The question to lay before God each day is

“Why did You call together — here and now, in 2020 — this group of elders who are engaged in the arts, the community, and personal and spiritual growth?”
Then become silent and listen for the still, small voice of God –
the voice that says “do not be afraid” to leave the known ways behind
and speaks of the new life and opportunity we are being led into.
For your daily prayer time (30-60 minutes), you may want to:

Sit – dropping down below your opinions and your known experience — and listen for the revelation that is coming to you
Walk – engaging your natural breath and rhythm – and observe the revelation that is coming to you
Attend to the invitation you are beginning to hear in the stillness.
It should be larger than anything you can control or direct.
You will not know the way . . .
What you bring to the next meeting will be something brand new.
It will not be something you have shared at Council before.
It will not be something you know how to do.
It must be something you are willing to give yourself to wholeheartedly –
and it will necessitate your personal and full participation.
As one colleague reminded me 9 years ago when I left California, after living there 31 years, to move to a new life in North, and then South, Dakota: 
“The proof of God’s leading is that we shall end up where we never intended to go.”
            -- Pastor Anne
Prayer Concerns

Marly Van Berkum’s sister
Marly Van Berkum’s brother-in-law
Leone Eidsmoe & family       
Katherine Trautman
Hazel Blaine
Mike and Deb Timblin
Ginger France’s sister
Tia Iddings
Mark Schmedinghoff
Greg Johnson
Greg Gregerson’s father
Roberta Pendleton’s family
The Bilka Family
Betty Schwerin
Ruth Holder’s granddaughter
Jay Rosenberg
Jay Rosenberg’s mother
Checking in With Each Other

Remember to “check in” with the person(s) before you and after you in the last church directory. We want to make sure everyone is connected during this time.
FCCUCC is Closed Until at Least September 1st
UCC Churches in IA, NE, SD to Stay Closed into the Fall

Rev. Brigit Stevens of our UCC Tri-Conference will be joining us for the June 21 st Council meeting to share Conference leadership’s current thinking and position on closure and opening.
Admiration Series to Hold a Discussion on Race with Members of our Community

The Admiration Series this week (Wednesday, June 17 th  at 6:30 p.m.) will be discussing race with some people of color in our community. Flora Lee, Eric Strim, Charlie Silva, Doresa Houston Alies, Tunisia May, and some others have said they will join us. We will have people from different races and age groups talking about how they have experienced racism here in Sioux City. 

The idea came from something Ginger France and John Kiernan said last Wednesday.  I think John said at one point, “We always talk about race with people of the same race.” Here is a chance to break out of that (comfort zone) and also show our community that we are committed to making a difference in this community. I see this as a time to listen, learn, and ask questions. Hopefully, at some point we will discuss together, ‘Where do we go from here?’ and ‘What can we do—together to improve our community.’ I hope you can join us at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday for what I hope will be an honest look at what people of color experience in our community.  
Keep the Connection -- Join us on “Zoom”
Todd Siefker will be sending out an invitation link right before each event.
6:30 pm Wednesday – Weekly Reflection Time
9:30 am Sunday – The Admiration Series: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr
10:30 am Sunday – Worship, Sermon, & Prayer

ZOOM Meetings – Be Sure to Invite Others!
      Invite your friends to attend the Wednesday night or Sunday morning sessions (and Fridays, once we get started). Each of us knows people who need connection during this time. You can send your friends the invitation link or send their emails to Todd so he can send them the invitation. This is a way to reach out and enlarge our caring community!
     Before each Zoom session, you will receive an email invitation to the session. By clicking on the link in the invitation, you should gain access to the session.
    On Wednesday evenings, at 6:30 pm Todd Siefker will lead a reflection time.

Note changes:
On Sundays, we will host a two-part session beginning at 9:30 a.m. and lasting until 11:30 a.m.
  • Todd Siefker will begin with the Admiration Series and discussion at 9:30 am. This Sunday we will be discussing chapter 2 of Richard Rohr’s book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.
  • At 10:30 a.m. Pastor Anne will lead a Worship Service.

You can join in at any time during the morning.
Friday Session on Restorative Justice with Pastor Anne
Friday, June 19 th , at 1:00 pm on Zoom

Pastor Anne has been part of a national restorative justice project with 53 Native American nations since 2012. As a South Dakota Humanities Council Scholar, funded by the NEH, she travels South Dakota with her Yankton Sioux colleague, Jerry Fogg, to tell the story of the on-going work of the Keepers of the Canton Native Asylum Story. The Keepers’ work is part of South Dakota’s healing process and hope for a preferred future.
Pastor Anne’s clinical psychology research and PhD dissertation was a cross-cultural study of restorative justice and forgiveness. Her work was informed by connections with persons who participated in South Africa’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission process, as well as with persons who are involved in restorative justice efforts in Cameroon and Rwanda. Women from 6 countries and 5 religious traditions were her research participants.
A Zoom invitation will be sent out on Thursday for this session. Feel free to invite others.
FCUCC in the Media

Letter: It's time for reflection
Todd Siefker had a Letter to the Editor published in the Sioux City Journal on June 4 th . You can read it at:

MINI Letter: Keep wearing masks
Ruth Koster had a MINI Letter to the Editor published in the Sioux City Journal on June 12 th . You can read it at:
Remember to Support FCUCC Financially During this Time!

During this COVID-19 event, having no in-person services has impacted our normal income. Thank you to those who have mailed in checks!

FCUCC Finances for May 2020

Giving in May amounted to $6,590, all from mail-in and online giving.

You can help us stay on track by mailing in your check or setting up an automatic payment from your bank. You can also contribute through a simple app called  is our online, app and web-based giving system. is convenient because it:
·          Accepts debit, credit or bank account info
·          Can be set up for a one-time payment, or automatic regular payments
·          Can be changed at any time (there are no contracts or commitments)
Go to   to sign up online, or download the app on any iPhone/Apple or Android device.
Moving-On Box Needs
Bath Towels/Hand Towels
Children’s plastic drinking glasses
Toilet Bowl cleaner/brushes
Fry Pans/Saucepans
Sanford Center Summer Program
Sanford Center began their summer programming. 
As in past summers, FCUCC members are asked to provide cereal and individually wrapped snacks and juice boxes/water for these children. You may bring your items to church and place them in the shopping cart in the front narthex. The church office is open M-F 10-2. OR you may drop your purchases off at the Sanford Center at 1700 Geneva St. IF you would prefer to send a check to the Sanford Center for snack purchases, that would also be appreciated. Please make your check to the Sanford Center and write “FCUCC Summer Snacks” in the memo line. 
The mailing address is:

1700 Geneva St
Sioux City, IA 51103
THANK YOU for your support of this important ministry to some of our community's most impacted children.
Missions Committee
Rummage Sale
For those of you doing your spring house cleaning during this time, there is plenty of room to store things you wish to get rid of. Just bring them to church when Tiffany is in the office (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and she will open the doors for you.
Sharing Our Community Memories and God Moments
In the spirit of Pastor Al Hohl's book on Prayer we've been talking about the importance of Remembering. To Pastor Hohl, forgetting is not the opposite of remembering. He says that DISmembering is actually the opposite of REmembering. He writes, " not remember is to tear apart. What we tear apart runs the risk of being scattered in our imaginations" (Hohl 2020, 172). I believe we would rather not run this risk. 

We are starting our own Story Corps Project. We would like your story about how this faith community has benefited your life in written, audio recorded, or video recorded format. Please send them to Todd at or back to Tiffany at our church email at In case you need some prompts from Pastor Anne to get started, here are a few that might help:

  • I came to FCUCC because . . .
  • The person or group here who has made the most difference in my life is __ because . . . 
  • I learned something new here that deepened my faith when . . .
  • I was able to make a difference in the community/wider world through FCUCC when . . .
  • A time I met God through FCUCC was . . .
  • A favorite memory I have of my time with FCUCC is . . .
Church Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Church Staff:
Rev. Dr. Anne Dilenschneider, Interim Pastor

Tiffany Watts, Church Administrator

Todd Siefker, Intergenerational Coordinator

Rick Darrow, Organist

Nate Hettinger, Choir Director
Church Contact Information

(712) 239-3385

(605) 906-5404 (Cell)