FEBRUARY 26, 2015

WAR HORSE        
                             WAR HORSE
This is a very special sculpture for me.  I started it abut seven years ago and loved it.  But when the economy went down I regretfully put it up on the shelf, I was afraid with the cost of casting in all its complexity it just wouldn't be what my collectors were looking to buy at that time. 
But I loved it.  So this last Summer I took it back down and finished it.  It is an impressive sculpture, 18" by 17", full multi-color patina, and when I did take it to the foundry for a casting bid, I was floored.  It came in at about half what I'd expected.
                              Would you believe I can offer it to you at only $3600?
It is a limited edition of 30, we can of course patina to your choice of colors.  For my repeat collectors, remember you do get your discount.  I do have this one casting available right now in my gallery.  If you have any questions, or would like to see more photos, please let me know.  I will be happy to email more views to you.  Of course you can call me at any time, too,  208 265 9613.

                                           BAD ATTITUDE
                          Limited Edition of 20   14" by 11 1/2"
Shown in a multi-color patina, we can patina to order if you wish.  This is the one available right now in my studio.

                                   Limited Edition of 20  14" by 11"
I show it in the classic red, but we can patina it in the color that you wish.  White markings can even be added from your photographs.  Let me know if you have any questions about patinas and markings.

Okay, as you can probably tell, I am fighting with the computer.....again.  This is an ongoing battle, not quite daily, but certainly weekly.  We won't even go into the virus that cost me six months of photos and records last month.

Things are going fairly well up here, although the dogs and horses don't know whether to shed or hold their coats.  I just found my first crocus blossom, in February in North Idaho????, I usually can't even find dirt this time of year.  We have robins already, and they aren't very happy looking birds.  I'm not removing my snow tires just yet, though.  The weather is a mixed blessing, we do need the snow pack on the ridges for later water supplies and the skiers aren't speaking to anybody.  But it does make life easier right now for the rest of us.  And I look at the gardens but I can't do anything out there yet.  No matter what is coming up.  How can bulbs be starting and the weeds still have their roots frozen into the ground?

I do have several new sculptors I am working with this winter, teaching is so much fun.  I love seeing someone get so excited about working with the wax and clay.

I hope you enjoy my newest bronzes. 


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