STUDY: America Steadily Marching Toward Dominance of Liberal Social, Governmental Policies
Can conservatives, evangelicals reverse the trend?

Barna, Cultural Research Center release latest findings from inaugural American Worldview Inventory as election closes in
“The 2020 election is not about personalities, parties, or even politics. It is an election to determine the dominant worldview in America.”

That is one of the key conclusions drawn by researcher and bestselling author Dr. George Barna, based on the most recent findings from the American Worldview Inventory 2020—the groundbreaking research project he is directing for the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University.

According to Barna, the CRC Director of Research, the current political upheaval in the United States is a consequence of a constantly evolving, person-centered philosophy of life—i.e., worldview—that is fighting for (and winning) pre-eminence in the nation’s economic, political, religious, educational, and familial spheres.

The AWVI's most recent findings are not altogether surprising, revealing those who possess a biblical worldview to be as resolute as ever in their positions. They:

  • Are consistently more conservative politically (78%);
  • Prefer capitalism over socialism (83%);
  • Favor conservative fiscal (80%) and social (91%) policies;
  • Oppose abortion (89%);
  • Hold a more conservative, limited view of the size and scope of government (83%).

Also unsurprisingly, those without a biblical worldview are:

  • More likely to support liberal fiscal (26%) and social (40%) policies;
  • Not believe the Bible is unambiguous in its views on abortion (38%);
  • Favor a more liberal, expansive view of governance (26%).

A full 98% of those who prefer socialism over capitalism also reject the biblical worldview.

However, despite the steadfastness of those that maintain a biblical worldview (only 6% of Americans, according to the AWVI), their numbers are shrinking. This, Barna believes, leads to some unsettling conclusions regarding the outcome of the continuing battle for America's 'undecided'. 

“Over the past 40 years, Americans have been gradually but consistently abandoning a range of foundational, biblical beliefs in favor of a human-centric, consensual, emotion-driven understanding of and response to the world," Barna said. "That transition has been highly visible in relation to morality and political preferences.”

Looking ahead, he noted that America’s future is steadily moving toward domination by liberal social and governance policies, partially attributable to demographic realities.

“If you consider the demographic patterns, the expansion of population groups that possess a non-biblical worldview and consequently prefer liberal policies—particularly young adults, non-whites, and irreligious individuals—will eventually usher in an era of liberal public policies."

What will it take to reverse the trend?

“The only way conservatives can regain political momentum is by transforming the foundational perceptions of young people—that is, their worldview. A person’s worldview is formed when they are young and rarely changes substantially when they are 30 or older.

"Unless conservative churches and parents, as well as Christian schools, take intentional and strategic steps to direct the minds of children toward biblical principles and practices, the cultural changes many Christians now lament will become the dominant way of life in this country,” Barna said.

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