Coach Update
It's early in the season, and this is the time when all of the teams are learning and perfecting their routines. Most likely your team is not doing every routine perfectly at this point. As you are working through the routines, stay within your limits and modify if needed. It's better to play and get better than to push too hard or not play at all. Different than competitive cheerleading, where you may only compete 1 or 2 times the whole year and your goal is to be perfect, the STUNT season is designed to play a full season of games and you should see tremendous growth as you progress towards the end of the season.
Coach Key Reminders
* CORRECTED Error from last week's update below in RED: Restricted areas: please review section 4 in the rule book to ensure that you as a coach and your team are adhering to the designated restrictions. No team should be in the neutral zone at any point during a game except for entrance and exits for the 4th quarter. Teams are not allowed to have their team members line up in the neutral zone during warm-ups or any other time.

*STUNT is a sport: Be prepared, study your game film, make adjustments like other sport teams do when they have missing or injured players. Don't back out of games, create a strategy that best works for you and your team.

*Game Summary Sheet: Be prepared to utilize your officials game summary along with your own film to view where your errors may have occurred. Here's an outline of what to expect and when you'll receive your game summary sheets (at the end of every game). Game scores are final and there is to be no contact between the officials and the coaches, during or after the games. The only direct contact is between the coaches and referee during the games itself.
*Recruit, recruit, recruit! Today is National Signing Day 2019! #NSD19 If you share things on social media we are doing our best to share that on our sites as well! We want to do our best to help you grow your programs! #STUNTTheSport
*TEAM pages: please keep up with your game STATS immediately following your games and all team information on your TEAM account.

*SHARE STUNT today for the National Girls and Women in Sports Day! #NGWSD Tag us!

*MEDIA Tips: STUNT is getting a ton of press right now and that can be a great and sometimes not so great thing! Here's a few tips when talking with the media!
  1. Share the positive elements about STUNT and the new sport
  2. Focus on the opportunities it's providing for females
  3. Point out the similarities to other sports with the specialized positions enabling girls to highlight their individual skills yet work together for their team
  4. Photos: ask to preview photos that are taken and offer to supply your own if you have better options
  5. Need help? Unsure? Refer them to our website or have them contact our media group at