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Officials Update
*Make sure you have the latest 8 count sheets that might reflect any recent clarifications or adjustments. These are to be checked and downloaded weekly before your games. These addendum's/clarifications can be located under materials in the front of the 8 count sheets for your particular state. Review, Review, Review! You can never be too prepared.
*Game Summary sheets Training: The game summary sheet is for minimal documentation of the minors/majors for each routine and what a team is doing incorrectly. This is not for any personal feedback or suggestions on their skills. Please watch the training below on how to fill out the sheet.
*Referee Score Card Training: We have enhanced the score card for the referee to better keep up with the scores, timeouts and challenges. Please visit our updated officials page on our website to download these forms and click on the referee score card training video below.
Key Reminders
*Playback (college only) Make contact with your host location to ensure that proper playback equipment will be provided for your games. We suggest an iPad for ease of use. If there is other more complicated equipment, verify that they will have someone to operate the equipment to expedite any viewing that's necessary.

*We are looking for more awesome officials just like YOU!
Help us expand our base of officials. If you know of anyone who would be a great fit for a STUNT official, please send them to https://www.stuntthesport.org/officials/ to get trained today!
Read and Share this great article on high school STUNT from the NFHS!
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