Officials Update: All 8 count sheets have been updated from the previous week's questions. Please download and print the latest copies before your next games!
*Game Summary Sheets Training: This has been slightly adjusted! Please re watch the updated game summary training. You will continue to document the total minors and majors and then list out in minimal form any modifications. This is not for any personal feedback or suggestions on their skills. Please watch the updated training below on how to fill out the sheet.
*Officials Game Packet: This has been updated and are loaded on our site! Please review the latest prior to your next games!
*Protocol for challenges: (This is for college games and for select HS games/tournaments where challenges are included ie: Section and State Championships)

Here is the correct order and procedure when there's a challenge:

Sample scenario below:

Team A calls a challenge – referee approaches the coach and receives the information on the challenge

Referee alerts the scoring officials of the challenge and they begin the review process

Referee then alerts the announcer on what type of challenge it is and the announcer uses the sample script in the updated hosting packet to announce the challenge

Referee then proceeds over to the TEAM B coach and tells them exactly what’s being challenged

Referee then awaits the scoring official decision.

Upon the decision, the referee signals that the call was upheld or overturned and the announcer uses the sample script to alert everyone on the outcome of the challenge.

No further discussion. The fans get a general idea on what’s going on and both coaches are aware of what was challenged and they can go back later to review their 8 count sheets and video if they need additional clarification. 

*All Updates for officials and documents are located on the officials page. This is a continual resource for you to stay up to date on the latest official's news.
Key Reminders
*Playback (college only) REMINDER - WE CAN HEAR YOU! The videoing of the 4th qtr. that the routine official takes and uploads post game, be sure to be aware of the conversations that might be taking place during filming. This is also true for live streaming of games. Be aware of where the mic's are placed so your game discussion isn't inadvertently being recorded.

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