Officials, thank you for your time, energy and focus on being a great official. You have the most important job for this sport is to get the correct score and outcome for each game. Please take your role extremely serious. We have prepared some reminders to help you stay on task. If there's anything we can do to assist you in being better prepared as an official, or you have some helpful tips that we can pass onto other officials, please let us know. We are here to help you be successful!
Officials Update
*Preparation is the key: Know your game footage and routines inside and out! You'll want to know them as well or even better than the coaches.

*Make sure you have the latest 8 count sheets that might reflect any recent addendum or adjustments. These are to be checked and downloaded weekly before your games. These addendums can be located under materials in the front of the 8 count sheets for your particular state.

*Game Summary sheets: Are for minimal documentation of the minors/majors for each routine and what a team is doing incorrectly. This is not for any personal feedback or suggestions on their skills. Keep it short and general, not specific. We will share more detailed examples of this next week for you.

*Attire: As an official you have agreed to the uniform requirements. Black pants (no yoga pants or leggings) and a White polo. Please adhere to looking professional at all times. Official's STUNT polos and additional STUNT attire can be found on our STUNT shop. (Referees have the option of the White Polo or a standard black and white referee shirt).
Key Reminders
*Be on time: Keep in mind any potential circumstances that might cause a delay in your travel (weather, heavy traffic, etc.) and plan ahead! Give yourself plenty of time to arrive for your games.

*Keep it professional: Cheer can be a small world, but don't forget that as an official for games, keeping a professional demeanor and distance with the coaches is a must.

*When in doubt? Review: We want to keep the game moving, but the most important thing is to get every call right. When in doubt, talk it out!

*Sc oring reminder: Scoring officials do not officiate g etting in and out of formations. You are only looking for the correct skills on the correct counts. 
Help us expand our base of officials. If you know of anyone who would be a great fit for a STUNT official, please send them to to get trained today!

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