April 17, 2019
NEW Natural Gas Partners
Connect Energy, our long-time valued partner, is an independent natural gas supplier. With Connect, members receive natural gas through SaskEnergy's pipelines, but Connect supplies the natural gas commodity to SaskEnergy's distribution system. Monthly natural gas bills come from SaskEnergy and Connect Energy is listed as the natural gas supplier.

Choose the rate plan that is best for your municipality. The wholesale flex plan, with no long-term commitment, can convert to a fixed price for a term of your choice at any time without cost.

Contact Clint Dieno today at
306-979-0491 to determine which plan works best for your municipality.
Direct Energy Business is part of a leading energy and energy-related services provider that is focused on helping customers make their businesses better. Through energy choice and a suite of innovative products and services, customers can buy less natural gas and better manage the impact of energy on their operations.

Call today to learn more about how Direct Energy can help your municipality navigate the energy opportunities in your hometown.

Ana Avramovic is your Direct Energy Business representative, and would be happy to handle all inquiries at
Hudson Energy specializes in providing customized index and fixed price energy products tailored to the needs of individual municipalities. At any size, look to Hudson Energy for stability and predictability to help control energy costs and budget for significant expenses more effectively.

Hudson Energy has partnered with Method Energy Corp. in Saskatchewan to provide all SUMA members with the highest level of customer service. As an independent and objective energy procurement company, Method Energy protects Saskatchewan organizations and businesses from the risk of volatile energy costs, while delivering a transparent contract audit service.

Let Gord Neis know you'd like to stay updated with competitive rates at
Peak Energy is Saskatchewan based and a reputable and active SaskEnergy third party retailer. They supply natural gas to commercial and industrial end-use customers throughout Saskatchewan. 

Peak Energy’s price plan is a simple discount that provides a lot of value over time. They do not ask members to have a perspective if today's natural gas market price is low or high but rather offer a discount of price as compared to the default supplier.

They value clients and understand that strong relationships are built through high standards, the utmost in service, compliance, integrity, and proven performance metrics. 

Contact Brian Janz at 306-334-4400 for more information.
NEW Energy Conservation Partner
Do you know which of your municipal buildings is using the most energy and when?

Greenwave Innovations knows each location, each minute.
Greenwave Innovations is a Saskatchewan based energy management company providing electricity , natural gas, and water sub-monitoring solutions. Their technology accurately identifies the energy efficiency opportunities that produce consumption and carbon emission reduction results. They partner with clients to implement predictive maintenance strategies, monitor the readiness of safety and emergency systems, and reduce the risk of loss and insurance claims. With data in hand, they can properly size renewable energy generation and storage solutions as part of supporting their client’s sustainability initiatives.
Greenwave Innovations uses an easy to install software that combines real-time consumption and production metrics into a single dashboard allowing municipalities to target a net zero facility.

In this v ideo, see how Greenwave Innovations has helped businesses across Saskatchewan reduce energy costs.

Contact Dean Clark, President and CEO, at 306-789-0456 to learn how Greenwave Innovations can help reduce your municipal carbon footprint.

Greenwave Innovations … your partners in energy conservation.
SUMAdvantage: Out for Tender
Street Sweepers, Equipment, Accessories,
and Supplies

Request for Proposal posted
March 18.
Pipe Relining and Trenchless Technologies

Request for Proposal posted
March 20.
Auction Services and Related Solutions

Request for Proposal posted
March 20.
Playground and Recreation Equipment plus Ice Arena with
Plexi Glass

Request for Proposal posted
April 9.
We tender on your behalf . That means you can purchase products from any SUMAdvantage vendor without posting on SaskTenders. And it's trade compliant .

We have a large variety of group purchasing programs and the list keeps growing ....

With SUMAdvantage, purchasing is as easy as calling for a quote, no tendering necessary.