April 3, 2019
NEW Fire Hydrant, Curb Stop, and Valve Partners
Save even more with Corix Water Products! Our water meter partner has expanded your savings to include fire hydrants, curb stops, and meter valves.

Corix Water Products is proud to offer Mueller Canada fire hydrants which are known throughout Canada for their rock-solid reliability and ease of use. Mueller Canada manufactures and provides a variety of main valves that work with curb stops for water distribution systems throughout Canada.
Trent Langford will continue to be your SUMAdvantage representative and can be reached at 306-209-6173.

EMCO Waterworks not only provides impressive product offerings, but their relationships with shipping and freight companies are strong. Their couriers are able to transport to every corner of the province with options should a municipality encounter an emergency situation.
EMCO is proud to supply fire hydrants and gate valves from Clow Canada. The hydrants can be connected to municipal drinking water systems.
Ford Meter Box is their manufacturer of choice for no lead curb stops that are ball valve style with compression ends and either pack joint or quick joint technology.

Contact Austin Rudiak at 306-569-5590 for more information.
Dust Control Partner Feature: NSC Minerals
Get your dust under control with NSC Minerals. NSC offers a natural liquid calcium chloride brine  called Brooks 32 for dust control.  When this mix of liquid calcium chloride is introduced to gravel bed roadways, it binds the fine dust within the soil structure to maintain moisture. This binding prevents dust from being expelled into the environment when disturbed by road traffic.

Call  Allan Deacon  at  306-934-6477  for pricing and more details.
Group Benefits Program: DrugHub App
A Virtual Medicine Cabinet On-The-Go!

The Great-West Life app DrugHub puts a virtual medicine cabinet in your pocket and helps make managing your family's medications easy.

DrugHub reminds you when to take medications, lets you know when to order refills, and gives you instant access to a library of detailed drug information - everything you need to stay on top of your family's medications.

Visit Great-West Life to learn more or visit the Apple App Store to download DrugHub today.
Lower Your Rates: Sign Up Today!
SUMA members are guaranteed the best rates throughout Saskatchewan. However, we've noticed a number of municipalities haven't switched their existing Purolator accounts over to take advantage of the savings.

If you haven't already, sign up to receive the SUMAdvantage rates today.  Please note : to take advantage of the savings, you must sign up even if you are an existing customer.  
SUMAdvantage: Out for Tender
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