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December 2, 2011


10 Day Look Ahead: Renewal Project Construction Activities

The Stanford University Medical Center Renewal Project, which will expand Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, rebuild Stanford Hospital, modernize Hoover Pavilion, and replace School of Medicine laboratories, is underway. Below is a summary of the Renewal Project's anticipated construction activities, hours of activity, and any affected lane or road closures over the next 10 days. Please click here to subscribe to our 10 day look aheads, which will be emailed every Friday and archived on the Renewal Project website.


Please note that that the scope of work and dates related are subject to change without notice. 

Welch Road Utility Project 

August 2011-September 2013 


One of the first steps in the effort to expand Packard Children's Hospital and rebuild Stanford Hospital includes utility work and surface improvements. The Welch Road Utility Project includes: replacing utility services and information technology infrastructure along Welch and Quarry Roads to serve the new hospital facilities once they are built; the widening of Welch Road; replacement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters; planting of new street trees and installation of planted medians and street lighting.


Note: Access to the Emergency Room will be maintained at all times. 


This week's activities: 

Motorists: please be mindful of sharing the road with bicyclists. Cyclists who choose not to share the road and use the sidewalks must walk their bicycles.

Pedestrians must use the new designated crosswalks on Welch Road. Jaywalking is illegal and especially unsafe in active construction areas. Maps with new pedestrian crosswalks are available at Thank you!


Weekend work (12/2-12/4)
Hours of Construction Activity: 7am - 3:30 pm

No work planned this weekend.


Weekday work (11/28-12/2)
Hours of Construction Activity: 7am - 3:30 pm

Welch Rd is now a one-lane, one-way road going West from Quarry to Pasteur Drive. This change will be in effect for two years. We thank you for your patience regarding this significant change and ask that you please adjust your driving route accordingly. South Pasteur Drive is now a two-way two-lane road. North Pasteur Drive is closed between Blake Wilbur Drive and Sand Hill Road.

Staff parking is still available in PS-4 but all vehicles will need to enter and exit PS-4 via South Pasteur Drive. Stanford Hospital & Clinics Visitor parking will be maintained at PS-3 and at the Valet lots. For a complete list of parking facilities near the medical center, click here.

K-Rail will remain in place on the inboard side of Quarry Rd (between Welch and continuing up to the Quarry Extension near the turn to the Emergency Department) in order to facilitate ongoing utility work. This reduces Quarry to a two lane, two direction road during this time. Access will be maintained to the Emergency Department at all times.

Trenching work will continue. New water line installation work will begin on Welch Road. Water line work will also continue along Quarry Rd. Installation of a new chilled water main will continue on Welch Road (between North and South Pasteur Drive), working towards Quarry Road.


Hardscape demolition of the Blake Wilbur parking lot site is scheduled to occur beginning today, 12/2.


Please be cautious of construction trucks entering the road. Access to the Emergency Room will be maintained at all times.

SPECIAL NOTE: The City of Palo Alto will be performing its own utility related work on the Quarry Extension (near Receiving and the Emergency Department) beginning 12/5/11. The work is estimated to be completed by 12/30/11. This work includes the installation of gas mains, services and service stubs for the city to reconnect existing gas services and abandon old gas mains. Regular working hours will be 8 am-5 pm M-F, except holidays. During this time, the Quarry Extension may be reduced to one lane traffic for up to two weeks. Access to the Emergency Department and to Receiving will be maintained at all times via flag man and other traffic control measures. The Hospitals will have traffic detours in place as appropriate to ensure traffic flow out of the ED.


If you have questions regarding this City project, please contact the city's contractor, Daleo, as follows:


For inquiries during regular business hours, contact Daleo Field Superintendent Bruce Mayhood at (408) 639-5675.


For off hours inquiries, contact Joe Franke via the Daleo 24 hour emergency line at: (408) 639-1133.


What to expect next weekend (12/9-12/11): 7am - 3.30 pm

No work is planned.


Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Expansion (Make-Ready Site)

August 2011-October 2012


The Packard Children's Hospital expansion site prep (known as the 'Make-Ready' site) includes the demolition of 701 & 703 Welch and the construction of a shoring wall and utility tunnel in preparation for the Packard Children's expansion.


This week's activities:


What to expect this weekend (12/2-12/4)

Hours of Construction Activity: 7 am - 3:30 pm

This weekend, the fence in front of the Falk Building will be moved closer towards the Falk Building itself, which will take away the sidewalk. After this change is in effect, access to Falk and Packard Children's will be maintained through two pathways: the first pathway is located in the center of the old Falk parking lot; the second pathway is the newly completed ramp at the back of Falk.


Jackhammering work will occur to remove a 9 ft. retaining wall outside of the Day Hospital and Radiology. This work will begin on Saturday 12/3 and will continue on Sunday 12/4 as necessary. This work is anticipated to cause some noise and vibration.


Weekday work (12/5-12/9)
Hours of Construction Activity: 7 am - 3:30 pm

Work to clear the Make Ready site and remove concrete debris will continue.


The Falk ramp work is now complete. Utility work will continue near the Day Hospital and the Bass Center. This work includes connecting utilities (bypass piping) from the existing tunnel at the hospital and coring holes into the existing utility tunnel. Some noise-producing activity will occur during this effort.


Work will continue to create a temporary bypass near the Packard Children's operating rooms. Work is scheduled to be completed in early December.


What to expect next weekend (12/9-12/11)
Hours of Construction Activity: 7 am-3:30 pm

No work is planned.



Hoover Pavilion Modernization 

August 2011-July 2013


Construction is underway to modernize and restore Hoover Pavilion, the original Palo Alto Hospital, in order to accommodate modern medicine and create a cohesive expansion to the Medical Center campus.


This week's activities:


What to expect this weekend (12/2-12/4)

Hours of Construction Activity: 7 am - 3:30 pm

No work is planned.


Weekday work (12/5-12/9)
Hours of Construction Activity: 7 am - 3:30 pm

Structural work is underway which includes the identification of repairs within the building's concrete shell.

Cleaning of the exterior fa´┐Żade is in progress. Rough window openings are being framed and off-site restoration of windows is ongoing. The 5th floor windows have been completed.

Tenant improvement work continues with trenching and under slab plumbing layout on the 1st floor. A crane will be on site next week to remove debris due to the roofing demolition on the 5th floor.

Relocation coordination of a communication line in Quarry Road is underway with the identification of existing utilities. Work is targeted to start at the end of the month.

The temporary child care site utility work is underway at Stock Farm Road and Campus Drive.

What to expect next weekend (12/9-12/11)

Hours of Construction Activity: 7 am - 3:30 pm

No work is planned.


General Reminders


Reminder: The AC Transit U Line stops have been removed from Welch Road and Campus Drive due to the traffic pattern changes on Welch. The U Line stops will remain on Quarry (one stop at Palo Road and one near Crate & Barrel), on Roth near Lorry Lokey Labs (across from Parking Structure 1) and at the Campus Oval. No schedule changes will occur. For more information on the U Line, call (650)724-9339 or email 



You can find the most up to date information on the Renewal Project website at

You can also sign up for project email notices on the website. For additional information regarding site work, email the Renewal Project at or call the 24-hour Construction Hotline: (650) 701-SUMC (7862).