Summer Newsletter

Photo of Ann Gimbel
Anne Gimbel
From the desk of our  
Executive Director

Recently we celebrated the longest day of the year - the Summer Solstice.
Summer has arrived in San Francisco, and our residents are full of grit and resilience
as some search for a more compassionate day, and others search for a safe  and supportive
place to share their feelings and challenges.
Pleasant memories of Bliss 2018 are still glowing, as we thank our sponsors,
our donors, staff and volunteers for their support and love that our annual event evoked.
We have a terrific family of residents and new employees serving our mission.

Please forward this newsletter to friends who may not yet know us. If you would like a tour of
Maitri, please call me. Our patio gardens are in full bloom, and I would enjoy connecting with
you over a cup of tea in the gardens.

Warm Regards, 
Anne E. Gimbel, M.A., LMFT
Executive Director



Volunteer Update

The most recent graduates of volunteer training on June 2 and 3

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Maitri. They bring companionship and compassion to the Maitri family.

Volunteers help with all facets of life at Maitri. From taking residents to medical appointments or to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Maitri's volunteers make a huge difference. Sometimes they sit with ill or dying residents or they lend a hand on administrative projects and fundraising events.  Whatever they do, the volunteers at Maitri are essential.

Our next one hour volunteer orientation is July 7.

Please consider becoming more deeply engaged with Maitri as a volunteer. For more information about volunteering, or to get started today, please contact Volunteer Coodinator, David Valentine, (415) 558-3004 or


Join Maitri and Bernardo
at the SF AIDS Walk 

Bernardo, our beloved canine volunteer and companion to residents, will be walking with the Maitri team in the San Francisco AIDS Walk on Sunday, July 15.  He will be joined by other members of our team, Maitri Walkers, to raise money for this amazing event.  If you wish to walk with us or to donate on behalf of the walkers, please go to the San Francisco AIDS Walk website and go to our team page, Maitri Walkers.  Or, contact Su Yates at  Thank you! 


BLISS 2018
was Blissful

Over 250 people attended Bliss this year on May 6 at the Julia Morgan Ballroom for an evening filled with entertainment, exciting auctions and elegant people.  There was never a dull moment as everyone enjoyed the food, songs by Jennifer Holliday, Frenchie Davis and Johnny Z plus jokes from Jason Stuart and the effervescent auctioneer, Dale Johannes. 
Singer Jennifer Holliday performed her signature song from "Dream Girls"
Maitri Executive Director Anne Gimbel with two especially dapper Bliss attendees

A full house for a night of elegant fun in
honor of Maitri.

Pre-BLISS Dinner

Destino's Restaurant was the site of a Pre-BLISS dinner preceded by a tour of Maitri for our entertainers.

Maitri Farewell

Maitri said "Good Bye" to Helga Sigvaldadottir. Helga will be at Ward 86 after returning from a vacation in Croatia.

Maitri's 31st Anniversary

Maitri celebrated its 31st anniversary on May 5th with a special luncheon and champagne (alcohol-free, of course)

A Day at the Magritte Exhibit

Maitri Compassionate Care art aficionados  attended the Magritte exhibit at the
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Our culinary staff always whips up excellent meals for all occasions. St. Patrick's Day is no exception.


New Faces at Maitri

Su Yates, Development Manager

Greg Christian, Facilities Mangager


CASE STUDY: Honoring Final Wishes

Case managers at Maitri handle unique and complex issues every day that ordinary mortals do not have to consider. For instance, Maitri residents often have specific desires for the disposition of their remains. However, it is not as simple as one would think, especially if the person is frail, end-of-life, low-income and has no family or loved ones to execute their final wishes. 
Recently, Maitri case manager, Annemarie, was presented with this situation. Her navigation of the problem, along with the able assistance of a devoted multi-agency team, illustrates the unknown complexities of final wishes nowadays and the extraordinary obstacles faced by our residents and staff. The team included Hospice By The Bay, Lutheran Social Services, Shanti and Westside AIDS Case Management working closely with Maitri staff. The Maitri resident had been paying a contract with a company to have his remains placed in a family plot. It turned out the company he contracted with did not
conduct cremations!

The problem: In order to be cremated, someone has to sign for the disposition of the body. Sadly, he had no one to sign for him. 
The solution: The resident signed a contract with a crematorium service willing to accept a pre-paid arrangement. The resident was able to sign ahead of time for disposal of his remains. Happily for him, his team will ensure his wishes are carried out. This demonstrates the range of conundrums faced by our residents and our staff.