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Helping Children and Changing Lives 

Tourette is a chronic neurobehavioral movement disorder that begins in childhood.  Those affected make motor movements and vocalizations they cannot control.  Additionally, many have associated obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysgraphia and other issues.  

Today's estimates indicate that 1 out of every 160 children between the ages of 5-17 in the US has TS and that 1 out of every 100 children has TS or another Tic Disorder. Of note, boys are 3-4 times more likely to have TS than girls and 86% of those with Tourette also have a co-occurring condition such as ADHD, OCD or anxiety.  In spite of its high incidence, Tourette continues to be greatly misunderstood.  Although medication may help control the symptoms, as of yet there is no cure.  

Tourette Texas, one of the largest Chapters of the Tourette Association of America, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We directly assist Texas area families and children in crisis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Michael Conway
Growing up is a challenge...for everyone. Adding on the symptoms of TS, and its other related disorders (e.g., OCD, ADHD), can make it seem like a constant uphill climb. 

As children move into their early adult years they often discover medications that work best for them, they become better at managing their symptoms (e.g., what activities/situations and places cause their tics to increase), and some children's symptoms become minimal, or even disappear. Our organization, through various programs, does its best to support families throughout Texas, who have a child diagnosed with TS.

However, we currently do not offer any programming geared specifically toward adults. Adults are welcome at our support groups, but most of these meetings focus on having a child with TS ( Note: our Austin Support Group leaders have started an adult group so feel free to reach out to them at We have held a number of events over the years here in Houston but with marginal success.

To truly serve all those living with Tourette Syndrome, throughout Texas, we need to be inclusive of all individuals, regardless of age. With that said, we would like to make a strong effort to create a way for adults with TS to communicate with each other and hopefully have 'meet ups' (e.g., dinners, ballgames, etc) in different cities.

Before I go any further with ideas, and I have many, I think we should start simply by creating a database of all interested adults. Again, this group is to focus on adults who have TS, not adults with a child with TS.

If meeting other adults who have TS would be good support, fun, and an opportunity to make new friends, please contact us in one of the following ways:
Phone: 281-238-8096

Please provide us with your name, city in which you live, age, contact information, and any hobbies/interests you have.

I will head up this effort initially so feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address with any questions or thoughts.

Keep moving ahead,

Michael Conway is the President of Tourette Texas, Director of Camp du Ballon Rouge, a devoted fundraiser through Trails for Tourette's and an adult with Tourette.
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Our deepest thanks to all of you who responded and donated to our 2019 Summer Appeal letter. 

Because of your generosity and support, we are over half-way to our goal of $25,000! We have received over $14,000 from a total of 67 generous donors!

If you missed the first letter, please read it below . Should you still find it in your heart to donate, even a small amount, we would greatly appreciate the assistance. 

Thank you again!
Ms. Sheryl 
Executive Director


Mail check , payable to Tourette Association of Texas, to 3919 River Forest Drive, Richmond, TX 77406

Donate by credit card on-line  at  DONATE ONLINE

Call in or fax  your credit card to: 281-238-8096 phone / 281-238-0468 fax


EMAIL  for more information.


We hosted another fun-filled and life-changing Camp weekend March 1-3, 2019!  
Thanks to our wonderful physicians, nurses, psychologist, counselors and other staff volunteers for giving their time and love to our 100 campers!  
Dates for 2020 Camp dBR are February to March 1. 
The application will be available mid-January on our Camp web page.  

To see 2019 Camp Photos,  CLICK HERE.

We are happy to announce the date of our 5 th Annual Takeaway Tourette's Golf Tournament, benefiting  Tourette Association - Texas Chapter

Tournament Details:
Wednesday, September 18 
10:30 check-in/lunch 
12 pm start followed by dinner and awards
Woodforest Golf Club in 
Woodforest Development by Johnson Development

Heartfelt and huge thanks to Reese Wilson, Kathryn and Virgil Yoakum, Jeana and Roby Wilson, Madeline Wilson, Tammy Hollis Schroder, and ALL our Supporters, golfers, and volunteers for their support and dedication to Tourette Association - Texas Chapter!!!  
Thank you to these fine sponsors!
LJA Engineering
Collier's International 
First American Title Company
Allegiance Bank
Woodforest Development
Woodforest Bank
BGE, Inc.
Lexton Construction
Howard Hughes Corporation
Muller Law Firm
Conroe Electric
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Save the Dates
Upcoming "Back to School" Support Group Meetings

San Antonio -- Tuesday, August 6
Katy/West Houston -- Wednesday, August 7
North Houston/Woodlands -- Thursday, August 8

MORE cities and dates to be scheduled soon.

Our Executive Director, Sheryl Kadmon, will present important information on preparing your child for the new school year.  Always free to attend.  Invite teachers to attend!

Learn more about Texas Support Groups on our web site! 
Watch the 
 for other details or last minute changes.

"Good News" Happenings
Robert's Award-winning piece

Robert Markwardt started showing signs of Tourette's when he was 5 years old, but he was not diagnosed until he was 6 because the neurologist said at that age (5) it could  just be him copying something he saw someone doing, but he wasn't ruling Tourette's out. Then one day, when Robert was in first grade, the assistant principal called and asked me to come meet with him and suggested I have Robert tested for ADD. I said I would have Robert evaluated for Tourette Syndrome, to which the assistant principal was against. I said that Robert's dad has Tourette's & there is a good chance that he does too. I made another appointment for Robert with a neurologist, and got confirmation that Robert did indeed have Tourette's. We were fortunate enough to know ahead of time what to expect.

Robert is a senior at North Garland High School. This year, for an elective, he decided to take Metal Fabrication - he had never had any class or instruction for welding prior to this class. Each year, shop classes participate in a skills competition, where the students have to build something of their choosing. His instructor told them to "Go big" - and he did. They have to make a blueprint & document, with pictures, the process of them making the item & the completed project - only Robert did it in reverse, which is easier for him. He decided he was going to make a fire pit/grill He came up with the design as he was building it - no pre-determined idea of how big, what shape, or what design.
He won Best In Show at district level, which let him advance to state level. He won first place at state level. He enjoys welding so much that he decided that he decided to pursue a career in welding, and has already received several job offers for as soon as he graduates from high school.

Chase Culp and his family hosted a highly successful Eagle Scout project in Livingston that included TS Awareness and a Craft Show. This year, because of the Eagle Scout project connection, it could not be a fundraiser, but the success of the event means that next year the family (Mom is a Counselor and Assistant Principle and Chase has TS) will host the event again next year as a fundraiser.

At the same event, Kooper Talbot, a new du Ballon Rouge camper and his mother sold bespoke TS Awareness shirts. They raised $1,000!  A huge thank you to the family -- and we hope to see Kooper at Camp again in 2020.

Reese Wilson graduated from The Woodlands High School and is off to Ole Miss where he plans to get a degree in business. He received a small scholarship from the university for his academic performance and his service as one of The State of Texas Youth Ambassadors. 

Tyler Morris, former TAA-TX Youth Ambassador, graduated from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. He is working for Schneider Electric in Nashville, TN and loving it. 

Sandra Buffolano, LSSP, presented " Tourette and Tic Disorders: Your Role in 504 and Special Education" to other LSSPs and to college psychology students.  Thank you, Sandy!

Haden Blanchard Meet two of our newest TAA - Texas Youth Ambassadors, Haden Blanchard and Stacy Fowler!
Haden Blanchard promotes TS awareness through his Facebook page "Tourette in Motion" and through his dancing. Haden has performed twice at our January Gala, always impressing the audience with his skill and technique. Recently, he attended a week-long competition at New York City Dance Alliance, placing 7th in Regionals and first in District Team. Haden and mother Kim will also speak in August at the SE Texas Psychological Association. Haden's brother Parker (not a YA - yet - but he has TS) is also planning on-line cooking show called "The Epicurious Kid." We hope a cookbook will be derived from this, Parker!
Stacy Fowler set up an information table at her school for Tourette Awareness Month and also presented at Broadway Church in Houston. She and her father Greg have made several awareness trips to the State Capitol in Austin. Stacy was also recognized and featured in her local newspaper, The Madison Meteor. Read the article HERE. She and her family hosted "Tacos for Tourette's at her school, selling delicious homemade breakfast tacos, raising $735 before they sold out.

Some of you have asked if there is an easy way to start a small fundraiser for Tourette Texas, e.g, donations for your birthday or graduation. Well -- there is! Simply click this link and follow the directions!
You can also make a donation yourself by clicking the DONATE button on the top right of our FB page.

All these are at NO COST to you!

If you shop at Kroger, Randall's or Tom Thumb (use code 2493), you can link your Rewards cards to Tourette Texas 

Join iGive and your purchases to over 2,000 stores provide donations

AmazonSmile through Amazon gives a portion of your purchases to us.

Contact for more info, if needed.

Physician Referral List

Tourette Texas maintains a list of Texas physicians who are experienced with Tourette.  To receive a PRL for your area, please email with your city location.  We are also seeking to expand our list, particularly in smaller cities, so if you have a physician who does a great job dealing with Tourette, please email us his or her contact information.  PHYSICIANS:  if you are interested in learning more about Tourette or being considered for our PRL, please contact Sheryl Kadmon, Executive Director, at 281-238-8096 or 866-896-8484.

How Can Tourette Texas Help You?

Tourette Texas is here to assist families dealing with TS throughout the state.  We offer:

  • EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS   for physicians, school districts, students, parents and the community.   
  • INFORMATION DISSEMINATION through packets, brochures, web site downloads, email and telephone conversations.  
  • LIBRARY of DVDs, videotapes and books. 
  • REFERRAL to physicians, therapists, community services, and state and county agencies.  
  • ADVOCACY through assistance with ARDs, IEP, 504 or OHI classification 
  • PARENT ADVOCACY training.   
  • SUPPORT GROUPS throughout the state.  
  • CHILDREN'S WEEKEND camping program "du Ballon Rouge."
  • FAMILY ACTIVITIES such as baseball games, museum visits, swim parties, theater outings and more. 
  • SPECIAL FUNDING sources 
  • ...and much, much MORE! 

Call Tourette Texas at 281-238-8096 or email for more information.  Visit our web site at  If you have needs other than those listed above, please let us know and we will do our best to help. 

Bonne Nouvelle is published quarterly by The Tourette Association of America - Texas Chapter. 
Co-Editors: Sheryl Kadmon & Cindy Sacks.