If you’re looking for ways to engage your child in new and exciting experiences this summer, you’ve got to check out "Eureka! The Inventor's Camp".

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy will offer the little inventor in your child great activities to explore this summer. Eureka camps will focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Your little inventor will imagine, collaborate, explore and create, all while learning super cool STEAM skills that will help them in school and in life .

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy’s "Eureka! The Inventor's Camp" classes are designed to be fun and interactive. All of our camps have group dynamics, so your child can bring his or her friends – or make new ones!

Summer for elementary and middle schoolers can either be a step backward or two steps forward. Elite Scholars STEAM Academy can help make these critical years the launch pad for a stellar middle and high school performance with summer school learning activities.

The elementary and especially middle school years can be a challenge, but summer provides a window of opportunity with fewer distractions and more  individualized attention.  Students can use this time to catch up on or build confidence with subjects they may have struggled with during the school year.

They can also use the time to increase their depth on subjects in which they’d like to excel. Elite Scholars STEAM Academy's  summer school classes  can start at the point where struggles began, or where progress tapered off, to acquire and improve the skills needed for success. Students move through each class with the support of certified teachers, so they have a fresh success to build upon in the fall.

Summer school classes for middle school students include both online and onsite correspondence courses (call and get specific information about our online classes) All K-5 classes have an onsite option only.

Call now to learn which option is most appropriate for your child.