Member eNews Update
Summer 2017
Congratulate our Merit Award recipients and Diplomates who passed the CAQ in Wound Care and Amputation Prevention, enjoy pictures of members and others On the Road, and stay current on ABPM events with our semi-annual printable UPDATE.  In-between these updates we continue to send electronic newsletters with Profiles in Excellence and reminders of events or other important member information. 


Consumers are getting more savvy! Make sure they can find you!

Today consumers understand that your ABPM board certification means you have gone above and beyond your standard medical boards. They know this demonstrates an added level of professionalism and gives them an added layer of confidence. As a Board, we are also working to increase this understanding with the general public. So, be sure to check your public profile in your dashboard to make sure the information in our "Find a Doctor" page is accurate and reflects your correct contact information and practice website. If you do not know how to log into your account, please contact
While the app was originally designed with residents and those preparing for the exam in mind, it is quickly growing to be a useful tool for members as well.  It has handy links to our website, reference ranges and, starting in September, will alert you about important deadlines and events.  Don't miss out! We also welcome feedback and ideas for the kind of content you would like included in the future. It is available both in the iTunes and GooglePlay stores. 

        For download link.

A Note from the Editor - Dr. David George
Please enjoy our third semi-annual UPDATE for members.  We will continue sending the electronic newsletters, but these UPDATES are printable and highlight our financials, awards and other important member information.  As you have seen, we are highlighting various DPMs in our eNewsletters.  If you have an interesting story or accomplishment, please let us know.    Please send to 

Thank you and continue to enjoy your summer!