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November 17th & 18th 2023
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Marinated Half Chickens
You've been asking for us to feature chicken in our Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Events so we're doing some of our favourite - marinated chickens! Choose between classic flavours like BBQ and Lemon Herb or mix & match to get one of each. All marinated in olive oil. These are so easy to grill on the barbecue or bake in the oven, there's no extra fuss necessary.
Pictured: Cameron
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Tomato Soup &
Lentil Soup
Mix & Match
With the weather getting colder I find myself craving soup. Two of my favourites are our tomato soup and lentil soup because they remind me of the bounty of the autumn harvest. I like to top these off with our croutons and some parmesan cheese - much better than plain crackers!
Pictured: Connor
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$12.99/1L Jar
Baked Beans
With marinated half chickens on the menu, I guess we're in the BBQ sort of mood! It seems like every country has their own variation of baked beans. Our Sunripe Baked Beans are like a classic American baked beans recipe - baked with just the right amount of smokey sweetness. This recipe is vegetarian but I like to add a bit of crispy bacon to my bowl at home.
Pictured: Rick
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When I was a kid my mom would have these really cool decorated cupcakes for Easter dessert. She loved to decorate them and still does- even though she is almost 98 years old now. The team in our three bakeries will be decorating them all weekend. It’s fun to come watch. Decorating cupcakes was one of Mia’s first jobs at the store--so she will probably be at one of the stores pitching in too!
Pictured: Jenny
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Mix & Match
Brunch has become a very popular tradition. With no obligation to get up early and an excuse to sit down with family and friends I can see why. Quiche is my favourite brunch food. While making angel food cakes one night, Mike, our master baker, had found a use for egg yolks with these breakfast favourites. The bakery takes fresh vegetables, some meat and lots of cheese with fresh local eggs to make our quiche. All fresh ingredients - no additives. Come mix & match your favourite kinds.
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Ingrid's Raspberry Vinaigrette & Herb Vinaigrette
Mix & Match
These are two of Ingrid’s family recipes, from Aunt Pat and Grandma Nina. We use real raspberries, red wine vinegar, spices, all blended together. These are nice light vinaigrettes that tastes great on a salads with feta cheese or goat cheese and almonds or sunflower seeds.
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Salads, soups, snacking - there's just so much you can do with croutons! Our croutons are cut from our scratch made bread which makes them a bit more light and airy compared to others. Tossed in just the right amount of spices - I may be guilty of grabbing a handful from the cupboard when I'm searching for a snack.
Pictured: Cathy & Maria
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My buddy Vince at the Ontario Food Terminal sells about 3000 cases of Raspberries a week. He is my go to guy for a lot of berries. He called me this week and said he’d give me a great deal on raspberries. Driscoll has a huge field that’s harvesting right now. I tried them today and they taste fantastic.
Pictured: Will
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Fresh Cut Roses
Show your sweetheart a little love with a bouquet of long stem roses. Our florists were feeling left out of our specials weekends so they've given us a deal to spread the love! Bouquets of roses are half price, not Buy 1 Get 1 FREE so you don't have to buy two (but you can if you'd like).
Half Price
($29.95 regular)
These in store surprise items have been a great hit! Follow the balloons to all of our featured items. We can't wait to see what our managers choose to add this time.
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Written by Will and Kysa Willemsen
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