SU NY Empire State College is committed to supporting you as we navigate new challenges together. The faculty and staff at SUNY Empire are here to help you as you adjust to the changes. While we will still uphold academic standards in terms of learning outcomes and meeting state expectations for term lengths for a degree, we offer flexibility for you when life interferes. If you are struggling academically or falling behind, you have options. We understand many students are concerned, and we are here to offer guidance and solutions.   

Keeping Up with Your Coursework 

  • Let us know if you are struggling and if you start to fall behind.  
  • Your first step should be to communicate with your mentor and your instructors and let them know what is happening. Work with them to make a plan so that you can complete your studies.   
  • Academic Support ( is available for tutoring needs, time management plans, and other support. The team will connect with you remotely via Skype, Zoom, or by way of a simple phone call.  
  • If you need help navigating or are unable to reach your mentor, you can get help from the student services teams
  • Ask for an Incomplete.  
  • For those who cannot complete the course in time, an Incomplete provides an extension beyond the end of the term to complete your course. Your realistic assessment of your situation and ongoing engagement and communication with your instructors is key.  
  • PLEASE NOTE: An Incomplete can impact eligibility for financial aid in future terms. Please contact financial aid for additional information; they can provide guidance on mitigating circumstances processes. or visit us during our virtual office hours 
  • Withdraw from Course(s).   
  • Withdrawal is a way to manage the academic impact of not being able to complete your courses.   
  • Before you drop any course, please contact the Student Information Center at or 1-800-847-3000 ext. 2285, so you can be fully informed of the impact of your decision before you take action. Dropping and not completing a term may have an impact on future financial aid eligibility, so it is important to talk this through with knowledgeable college staff. The Student Information Center is cross-trained in financial aid, student accounts, and registration, and can review your account comprehensively and answer your questions. 

Online Delivery   

At SUNY Empire State College, we have a long history in distance and online learning and experience working with each other across the state and with our international locations. As a result, we have been fortunate to be able to move into 100% online learning quickly. Face-to-face courses and study groups will not meet onsite; instead, they have been moved to a distance learning format. You should hear from your instructors about how that will work for your courses. Additionally, many of our services were already available online and at a distance. Some of you may need assistance as you move into a new way of learning and the college has resources to support you:  
  • Please review the Tips for Successful Distance Learning for more information.   
  • If you are not able to get online at home, please let us know your needs through the Student Information Center at or 1-800-847-3000 ext. 2285 and get in touch with you mentor and instructors about alternative ways to complete your courses.  
  • If you need support in using the resources, please contact the college’s IT Service Desk for help. You may also talk to your mentor about other ways to complete your courses.   
  • Mentors and the academic support team have moved to teleconferencing and phone for individual appointments. If you have an appointment, please check in to see if the person you are meeting with is working at a distance.  
  • If you have not been able to connect with your instructor, please reach out to your student services team.    

A few reminders: 
  • For general questions about COVID-19 preparations or to report knowledge of a potential exposure, contact the Student Information Center at or 1-800-847-3000, ext. 2285. We continue to monitor and investigate reports of potential exposure among students, faculty, and staff, and take action as appropriate.  
  • If you have reason to suspect that you could potentially have been exposed to COVID-19, your first step should be to contact your local health department and medical provider.  
  • Please know, you are important to the SUNY Empire State College. We care. We support you. We want you to be healthy. The SUNY Empire State College community cares about your health and wellness Here are some quick tips and resources to help during this time of transition.
  • Please be sure to update your contact information and add a mobile number to our Rave emergency alert system

Tai Arnold
Interim Vice Provost for Student Success
Office of Academic Affairs
SUNY Empire State College |