In this newsletter you will learn the ways you have contributed to protecting local freshwater resources, you can review the contributions of others who attended SUP lessons this summer, and you can explore ways to stay centered, connected and contributing through the winter months.
This is the mission of Prerana Yoga, to call awareness to the elements of our psyche that are a reflection of the world around us...
As our summer comes to a close here in Lansing, I would like to thank all of you for care-taking our cities wild, watery, and sacred spaces with me. Many of you have heard me mention at the beginning of a SUP or Yoga class, that I believe how we treat the world around us has a great deal to do with how we treat ourselves. When your SUP Yoga practice asked you to bring all of your attention to the beauty and adventure present in our natural world, you also allowed these qualities to surface from within. This is the mission of Prerana Yoga, to call awareness to the elements of our psyche that are a reflection of the world around us, and to learn how to use these natural forces to heal ourselves and our planet. Now, more than ever, we must be aware of threats posed to our natural resources, and use open hearts, minds, and bodies to collaborate and find solutions to keep our land, water and air viable.
How your practice supports conservation efforts...
This summer, we raised over $200 and made a significant contribution toward protecting our local waterways and swim-holes! Every time you took a paddleboard class, a portion of your class fee went directly to Mid Michigan Environmental Activism Council. MIDMEAC is responsible for the restora-tion of Crego Park and is working on bringing the most polluted portion of the Red Cedar into a healthier balance. Follow the links below to learn more about the come-back story of Crego park or to find out what MIDMEAC is doing to improve Lansing water quality.

The SUP Experience...
Many of you expressed a strange sense of calm when you found your water-based practice, despite feeling anxious or having no prior experience. No matter what your expectations were, all of you are unusually brave to step away from shore and open yourselves up to the experience of life on the surface. Here are a few comments you shared:

“...As a team we were able to relax, learn some-thing new and get caught in the complete down-pour, our favorite part!”
-Wieland Construction Company

“What made a really big difference to me was the way yoga was used to help me learn how to navi-gate the paddleboard and take my paddling skills and love for the sport to the next level.”
-Samantha Wilbur

If you would like to share your experience of being out on the water and connect this summer please follow the link to the right to review Prerana Yoga on facebook. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and shapes the way classes are conducted in the future.
“A SUP lesson with Elissa was an extraordinary way to experience paddle-boarding. I loved every moment and am going back for more of her expertise and coaching!”
-Joy Hart
What's to come...
Even though our lakes and rivers will be covered in ice, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy and protect our local freshwater resources this winter. The cooling of a body of water during the winter is part of the process which allows aquatic life to come back abundant each spring. Enjoy being part of the winter cycle this season by checking out the upcoming events and links to projects being orchestrated by various water-friendly groups in Lansing.
Join the Fall 2017 Stream Team with the Ingham County Conservation District

Enjoy the chance to be outdoors, learning about your local ecosystem and helping make a difference. No experience is necessary and all training and equipment is provided.

Checkout Prerana Yoga’s schedule to register for the last edition of Sunset/Sunrise Sup Yoga, the Love Lansing Waterways Color Tour, or to book your private, group or corporate session. Stay hot all winter with Prerana's Hot Yoga classes or attend a benefit class to protect our local freshwater resources. Be sure to checkout our earlybird discounts on our SUP Yoga retreat and Sup Yoga Teacher Training planned for next summer!

Take a class with Power of Water
Power of Water offers paddlers of all levels skill training, certification, and adventure tripping! This winter you can learn how to roll your kayak in a local pool or take a trip to the Carolina coast to play in the surf. Checkout everything POW has to offer...

Again, I would like to thank everyone who came out this summer, engaged in your environment, and shared your practice. We are stronger in numbers and our energy combined can do amazing things. Please keep up the momentum all winter long and I cannot wait to play with you guys again next summer!

Elissa Voigt
Owner, Prerana Yoga